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Its product catalog includes the iConnect and SecuPlace CommPact systems, it also has a complete line of motion detectors, accessories such as controls and keyboards... and its flagship product, the motion detector with integrated Pir Cam camera.

Risco Electronics Line

Risco has appointed Visiotech authorized distributor for Spain of its electronics line product brand, whose systems, characterized by their robustness, have become a benchmark in the field of intrusion.

Electronics Line by Risco SecuPlace CommPactOne of the most differentiating services offered by Electronics Line by Risco is its cloud, characterized by its power and reliability. It provides benefits such as allowing the user to control the entire security system from their PC or smartphone and connecting it to an Alarm Receiver Central (Cra). In addition, offers the ability to add and control IP cameras.

Thanks to the experience accumulated in the market and continuous innovation, Electronics Line has a wide variety of products that meet the needs of any security facility.
Mainly two product ranges are distinguished: iConnect two-way wirelesss, designed for small businesses, and the SecuPlace CommPact one-way wireless system, featuring a compact and streamlined design.

Accompanying the two ranges, has available from motion detectors, accessories such as controllers and keyboards, Smoke detectors... and its flagship product, the motion detector with integrated Pir Cam camera.

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By • 20 Sep, 2017
• Section: Intrusion, Business