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Via the KNX/Modbus module, Risco alarm panels can interact with systems of automation of buildings and the safety management systems that use the KNX and Modbus protocols.

Risco KNX/Modbus module

The KNX/Modbus module of Risk Group It allows your alarm panels interact with building automation systems and security management systems, they used the KNX or Modbus Protocol.

This solution translates the Risco Group CS Protocol signals the KNX Protocol or Modbus and vice versa through IP. It is suitable for various applications such as buildings in commercial and industrial automation systems, management of security or home automation in residential facilities.

The KNX/Modbus module allows system integrators to use alarm panels of Cliff as part of a fully integrated building automation system: control alarm panel through a management system using the KNX or Modbus Protocol, including the commands, as armed/disarmed partial or total, scheduled departure or cancellation of areas; use integration with alarm system for scenarios, as lights in the event of an intrusion or Assembly and disassembly automatic scheduled event; and seize the detectors/devices of alarm systems as activators of other systems as HVAC, lighting or blinds.

The KNX/Modbus module is compatible with ProSYS Plus solutions, LightSYS and Agility of the manufacturer.

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By • 22 Aug, 2018
• Section: Alarms