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The Alliance with Hommax helped Risco strengthen its presence and growth in Spain and Portugal, at the time which is still completing its offer in response to a wide range of needs.

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Hommax Systems, as an official distributor of Risk Group, it faces the second half of the year by introducing new features thanks to the constant technological evolution that characterizes the international company.

The agreement, as I was already published in Digital Security Magazine, It was signed at the beginning of year, forma parte de la estrategia de crecimiento de Risco Group permitiéndole consolidar su presencia en el sur de Europa.

VUpoint P2P Risco GroupRisco Group es una marca especializada en el desarrollo de soluciones de seguridad basadas en la nube. Junto con vídeo verificación, monitorización y automatización, ofrece innovadores sistemas de seguridad, de alta calidad y fiables. Gracias a su aplicación para dispositivos móviles, ofrece acceso remoto a sus sistemas de seguridad y permite el autocontrol, addressing a growing trend in the industry.
Its objective, provide customers with cutting-edge technologies, personalized service and attention to quality that customer, supported by constant Hommax marketing, consistent with the company's values.

Risco Group products, as well as those of your dealer Hommax systems, they comply with international standards and are characterized by serflexibles, cost-effective and easy to use and installation. Also, the brand has recently updated Cliff Cloud, a platform designed for installers to manage the panels located in the cloud, as well as set using the smarthome and VUpoint IP cameras.

As a reference in the distribution of electronic security products and with presence in the national and international market, Hommax is still completing its offer with products that cover a broad range of needs, Since wireless solutions, Wired and hybrid video verification in real time and Smart Home solutions compatible with all systems.

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By • 10 Jul, 2018
• Section: Control Systems, Business, CCTV