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Quickly possible intrusion attempts to detect and respond to them, In addition to having images that give graphic of such situations support it is the objective of this technology integration.

SGSE Risco and MilestoneIntrusion LightSYS and ProSYS Plus panels, Grade 2 and 3, respectively, of Risk Group have been integrated into the Xprotect platform of Milestone Systems, Thanks to the plugin desarrollado por el departamento de I+D de la empresa Soluciones Globales de Seguridad Electrónica (SGSE), so it is now possible to monitor and control the system from intrusion and CCTV from a single graphical user interface to protect facilities.

With the plugin Xprotect platform integration is possible to incorporate, in a very simple way, the condition monitoring, partitions and panels LightSYS and ProSYS Plus areas. So, to add a panel to the client only system it is necessary to feed - through Management Client or Management Application (Depending on the version of Xprotect that customer has)-, the basic data for establishing connection to the panel.

Risco LightSys and Milestone XProtectThe latter must be previously configured, with the call sign name to facilitate the management, the IP address and port to connect to the panel, and software will establish the connection automatically after you import the data and settings of the same. Then just open the SmartClient for monitor and control panel.

This plugin added two items to SmartClient interface for the user to interact with the configured intrusion panels. On the one hand, Adds a workspace, accessible from the so-called tab I stake the top Monitor, to display the status of the panels and perform different actions.

Cliff ProSYSPlusOn the other hand, It can incorporate the same within any viewer user interface, in the live view of SmartClient, and thus monitor the State of the panels while the camera images are displayed or the system alarms are controlled.

Also, Thanks to the specific events that the plugin also incorporates in Milestone events of the panels can be integrated into the logic of rules and alarms of Xprotect, among many other possibilities.

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By • 4 Dec, 2018
• Section: Control Systems, Intrusion, Business, Services