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The SAE solution that Indra will implement for Ecovia will improve management of transport, safety and service to citizens. It includes a control center from which can know in real time where each vehicle in the fleet, see images from the cameras shipped, manage information and make decisions in the event of incidents.

ECOVIA bus Monterrey

Indra It has been contracted to upgrade the system of management of the fleet of buses operating in the city of Monterrey (Mexico). The contract includes the supply, installation and commissioning of a new support system to exploitation (SAE) for Ecovia, as well as the technological support and maintenance.

The multinational company will implement in Monterrey the more advanced version of the SAE system for control of the fleet of 80 buses that run along exclusive lanes in the center of the main roads of the corridor Lincoln-Ruiz Cortines, which will improve the efficiency, safety and quality of the service provided to the four million inhabitants of Monterrey.

ECOVIA bus MonterreyECOVIA is a system of bus rapid transit that counts with 80 Green buses, air conditioned and equipped with specialized technology, covering 30 kilometers from the Lincoln terminal, in Monterrey, up to terminal integration Sunny Valley, in Guadeloupe.

Indra solution includes a unique control equipped with the most advanced technologies Center, from which you can know at all times where each vehicle in the fleet, view images from the cameras shipped, manage the information provided to users and make decisions in real time Incident, need for reinforcements or any deviation from the planned service.

This will be done through geographic information systems, the team embarked on the bus, the Centre of system control and mobile communications infrastructure, with 3G technology, available to the solution of Indra.

Also, You can generate reports and graphs to improve knowledge of the service, facilitate the measurement of the quality parameters, in order to adjust better to the real demand of the citizens, increase performance and reduce operating costs.


Benefits for users

Improvements in transport management will also move to the citizens, benefit from a higher quality service, better information and make transport safer thanks to new technology.

Users will learn about, through the multimedia informational screens of buses and stations, the following stops, links to other lines of bus or subway, incidents or estimated time of arrival of buses. This information will also be available, real-time, on the web and can be accessed through smartphones. Buses will also have a paging system automated that will keep the user informed of the following stops.

Indra headquarters

To provide greater security and help combat possible cases of vandalism or assault, onboard video surveillance system, installed in the whole of the fleet and fully integrated with SAE, It can record, transmit and display images in real time thanks to the cameras you will be equipped vehicles.

The project for the city of Monterrey is added to the project developed by Indra in city of Mexico, where has created a centre of advanced control with the SAE system to manage the fleet more of 490 Metrobus vehicles.

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By • 28 Aug, 2015
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