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The headquarters of the Spanish telecommunications company in this emblematic building of city of Mexico now has more of 3.000 connected video surveillance cameras and two hundred recording equipment which are managed with Scati platforms.

Movistar Mexico Tower Temm Scati

The Security Department of the headquarters of Telefónica-Movistar in the city of Mexico has deployed a comprehensive platform of video surveillance and recording, able to guarantee a permanent monitoring, both in the corporate building care centers distributed throughout the country, Agile management, safely and efficiently from your control center.

The solution provided by Scati It has been chosen for this project, for which have been supplied more than 200 recording equipment, located in different buildings of the company of telecommunications in Mexico, to create a powerful and reliable network of video surveillance with more of 3.000 connected IP cameras.

This great security infrastructure is managed through the Watcher and Scati Wall platforms from Telefónica control center. Recording and management Scati Vision systems offer high availability and redundancy failover, In addition to a new approach for mass storage of high capacity and performance needs.

Scati WallSpecifically, the administration of the Park of recorders is via Scati Watcher, the tool of the manufacturer that helps security operator perform actions such as viewing, equipment configuration, alarm management, Advanced searches, management plans and creating device groups, inter.

From the center of control of the company they have as well as a tool for the visualization and professional monitoring of all cameras, and with software Scati Wall can define scenarios and sequences of cameras, operate PTZ devices and perform digital zoom to facilitate the identification of people.

Scati WatcherThanks these management platforms, the telecommunications company has significantly enhanced the management of video surveillance and security at its headquarters and centers in Mexico, by having quick access via network to each of its teams with full access, generating routines of self-support that allow monitoring equipment on a permanent basis, preventing failures with automatic alerts and scheduling maintenance periods.

These tools have helped raise the level of security in the enterprise, reducing risks and providing savings in the control of waste and losses, In addition to responding to different requirements in terms of capacity of storage and recording quality.

Scati Vision X 800By combining the various elements of security necessary for comprehensive protection in the corporate headquarters and the rest of real estate has been achieved to ensure the availability of the images of high quality and resolution of any incident. The solution is scalable, allowing the growth of the system based on the future needs of this corporate building security.

As explained by Ismael Flores, the leadership of projects and management of electronic security of Telefonica Movistar Mexico, "with Scati security solutions we face the problems and needs that demand an infrastructure as Telefónica Mexico which has, considering important factors of social and economic, as insecurity in the country, as well as the strategic objectives of the company, giving a major jump in efficiency and technology for the management of video surveillance by the administration of these tools and equipment, with the premise of continue to evolve".

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By • 30 May, 2017
• Section: Case Studies, Control Systems, CCTV