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Its IP video proposal is based on an open and flexible platform integrated by 50 IP cameras mini dome Eye, 20 Eye Intelligent, more than 15 panoramic cameras, 20 PTZ domes and various box and mini dome models; in addition to 10 video vcrs from the Pro range. The solution is completed with Watcher video management tools, Wall and Hub.

Scati Video Management System

The company is a French multinational, that focuses its business on the manufacture of cosmetics, with a presence in more than 130 countries through their more than 290 Subsidiaries, 44 factories and a total of 82.000 Employees. In Mexico it has several facilities including two production plants in San Luis de Potosí and Xochimilco (Federal District), a distribution center in Cuautitlán Izcalli and a corporate headquarters located in the Félix Cuevas building in Mexico City.

Scati cosmetics MexicoTo protect their facilities locally, it had an analog video surveillance system, but the need to manage remotely and centrally caused them to look for alternative solutions, technologically more advanced. In addition, in order to take advantage of the investment made, the new system had to live with the equipment and infrastructure already installed.

The company responsible for responding to these needs has been Scati that has implemented an open and flexible system that allows integration with the cameras and other security systems that the company has in its locations, remotely managed from the control center with full protection.

With Scati's IP video proposal, the company is able to manage the security of all security systems in an integral way from any of its control centers. As the solution is scalable, the addition of new elements to systems is simple and cost-effective. In this way, the company has been able to reduce security resources due to the use of existing resources and centralized and comprehensive management.

Comprehensive solution

Scati Camera IP DomeScati has a wide portfolio of cameras of different formats and features so the choice has been based solely on defining the critical security needs to install the one that is most suitable in each environment.

Outdoors, more than 50 Eye mini dome IP cameras that incorporate vandal-free housing and IP66 protection. With 1,3 megapixel resolution, these equipments have infrared illuminators up to 30 meters that guarantee image quality both day and night. Inside they have been located 20 Eye Intelligent equipment that has intelligent video analysis filters and includes intrusion capabilities, abandoned object and line transfer.

The camera portfolio is completed with more than 15 panoramic cameras, more than 20 PTZ domes and various models of box cameras and mini domes that cover the different viewing needs.

Scati's panoramic cameras offer a 360-degree view, allow you to create different quadrants of images and visualize the details very clearly, thanks to its digital zoom. Each of these equipment replaces multiple standard cameras, simplifying installation and maximizing savings.

Recording system

Scati Pro DVRThe recording needs of these cameras are covered with Vision systems that allow you to manage both analog and IP cameras so you can take advantage of the existing infrastructure without giving up the introduction of new technologies.

More 10 video vcrs from the Pro range. This line is able to manage up to 32 megapixel IP cameras. Specifically, J and X600 models have been used that are designed to meet the recording needs of medium-sized facilities and are geographically distributed.

While J recorders are purely IP and offer storage up to 24 Tb, the Scati Vision X600 are hybrid teams capable of managing up to 32 IP and analog cameras, thanks to a module of inputs and outputs that have built-in. In addition, enable the coexistence of both technologies and facilitate migration to IP gradually and without complications.

X600 video vcrs include real-time image-advancing processing algorithms with various features such as tampering or camera manipulation, detection of abandoned and moving objects, that allow you to provide intelligent video management to your users.

Comprehensive management

Scati cosmetics MexicoComprehensive management of the hundreds of cameras, vcrs and other third-party systems (Alarms, Fire, access control, Etc) it's made possible by the addition of Watcher video management tools, Wall and Hub.

The company has three control centers. Two of them are located in each of its production plants in Xochimilco and San Luis Potosí and, from there, in addition to performing local factory security management can be accessed remotely, based on user permissions, cameras installed in other locations. Parallel, the company has a central monitoring center in Cuautitlán Izcalli to remotely manage the entire CCTV system.

Through Scati Watcher operators can remotely manage recorders. The application allows the configuration of computers, creating groups of cameras and recorders and even group of users to simplify management. Depending on the permissions granted users can search for real-time images and/or recorded video and manage the images associated with the alarms generated by the different security systems.

Scati CCTV video surveillance industry

The tool for professional monitoring, Scati Wall, makes it easy to view images through the definition of scenarios and camera sequences, and even the handling of digital PTZ cameras for identifying people thanks to its digital zoom.

Finally and to ensure the total and comprehensive safety of all units, operators have Scati Hub, a tool that allows to integrate all security systems and that operators can manage the alarms generated from a single platform, minimizing resources and reducing total security investment.

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