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For this purpose it has launched version 8.0 the Manager of United VMS video and has unveiled new thermal security cameras designed for high traffic areas, medical facilities and prisons.

FLIR cameras 4K

FLIR Systems It has added new products to its line of security solutions which include the version 8.0 the Manager of three high-performance cameras and video United VMS: the number of visible and thermal PT HD camera, Quasar 4K fixed system and equipment for Ariel corners of 3 MP.

“The most recent version of United Flir VMS offers a management solution comprehensive and flexible security that allows customers to adapt it to your needs. Thanks to the incorporation of new high-performance security cameras, including the series PT HD designed for perimeter security system, We increase our range of products in addition to our presence in the enterprise market”, says Andy Teich, President and Chief Executive Officer of Flir.

FLIR Quasar 4KUnited VMS 8.0 It is a solution of comprehensive video management and enterprise-quality that allows managing large operations of video at multiple locations and includes Flir Latitude software, In addition to the Horizon and Meridian network video recorders. This solution provides a more secure system thanks to some requirements of stronger online security credentials. Its process for installation and optimized detection of cameras make very simple integration with Flir products.

FLIR Quasar 4KThe open platform of United VMS 8.0 It allows integration with third-party technologies and you can customize and adapt to any installation size, from small shops to large companies, passing through critical infrastructure.

PT HD series is integrated by cameras with dual sensor offering high quality intrusion and a great perimeter detection, regardless of lighting conditions or the weather. High speed horizontal and vertical scrolling camera provides a verification of threats quickly and accurately.

This series is composed by a thermal camera with resolution 640×480, that can be refrigerated or unrefrigerated, and a visible camera HD 1080 p. They also have available many high-performance thermal lenses, among them the lenses with optical zoom of up to 14 x. The visible HD camera also incorporates a lens with optical 30 x zoom and auto focus functions and performance in low light.
This series integrates with United VMS 8.0 and other VMS software providers.

Quasar 4K

The multiple Quasar 4K resolution fixed camera can be programmed to switch between 4K day mode and night mode in low light to 1080 p for optimum performance and uninterrupted.

Its compact design allows the use of covers for specialized cameras, that can be explosion proof or water resistant, and can accommodate a large number of lenses, from wide angle to telephoto. The fixed camera 4K Quasar is ideal for areas with heavy traffic, how large avenues or transportation hubs.

Ariel's 3 MP

FLIR Ariel 3MPThe new camera corner Ariel offers 3 megapixel camera with a panoramic view from the roof to the floor and wall to wall. Also includes a built-in microphone for audio monitoring and discreet lighting with night vision to monitor locations with little or no light.

This solution comes with a shock and vandal-resistant recessed housing, making it the ideal solution for medical facilities and prisons, where is the safety of workers at risk essential.

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By • 22 May, 2017
• Section: Control Systems, Detection, Urban Security, CCTV