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For Company, the future is in the center of Virtual remote control that aims to respond to incidents quickly and coordinated and that the information can be shared widely to help policymakers to protect persons in the place where the emergency occurred.

Motorola security publishes

Motorola Solutions you are giving to know as it will be the center of command and Virtual Control that can be used in critical industries and public safety agencies to safeguard the lives of workers and improve productivity and business.

The command Center Virtual Motorola Solutions is showing is intended to be applied in segments like industry, transport, public and private security and is based on the combination of virtual reality technologies that allow you to navigate through video and data from multiple sources. It objective is give response to the incidents of form fast and coordinated and that the information can be shared widely for help to them responsible. This solution uses eye interaction technology (eye interaction) of Eyefluence.

Moreover, Motorola is also giving the latest trends that complement the instant communication of mission-critical mission-critical intelligence.

Motorola security publishes

This synergy provides linking the technology of radio mobile terrestrial (LMR), who currently have customers, with it's LTE and the new capabilities that offers.

"The basis for this link is to what we call the next generation of mobile intelligence, or Next Generation Mobile Intelligence in Motorola (NGMI), that is the name of the architecture of our system. It's a software that integrates all types of data, It analyzes them to turn them into intelligence and delivers this intelligence in the right place, at the right time and in the right way", explains Paul Steinberg, CTO of Motorola Solutions.

Now, Public safety command centers can integrate interoperable radio Astro network 25, It delivers instant communication, with the power of LTE broadband and the latest in intelligent solutions for critical operations and public safety, to turn data into intelligence.

CommandCentral of Motorola Solutions Platform offers intelligence in real time in all phases of the activity of supervision, from planning to operations and research.
CommandCentral Aware combines content from video of different origins, allowing to the analysts of centers of control of crimes and/or events see multiple sources in a same screen and share with the responsible images of suspicious, vehicles and numbers of patents in high-definition in real time, among other data critical.

"In the specific case of public security, the law enforcement agencies have access to data from multiple sources, including calls to the unique line of emergency care, feeds of video in time real, "the activity in networks social and data bases of all the country", explains Pablo Orsei, Manager general of Motorola Solutions for the South of America Latin.

CommandCentral of Motorola Solutions Platform captures this information and converts it into intelligence in real-time to help emergency services to quickly resolve incidents, and even anticipate them.

"Using the networks of band wide", Motorola Solutions places the center of command and control in the hand of the people that are in the street or the field of operations, "giving you information for better and more rapid decisions", Adds Orsei.

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By • 15 Nov, 2016
• Section: Data Center, Communications, Control Systems, Infrastructure, Urban Security