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This advanced radio device offers the latest technology in mission-critical communications, with the ability to collaborate with other systems automatically.

With a global pandemic, increasing volumes of data to manage and increased demand for limited resources, public security agencies must deal with a complex situation never seen before.

Isolated systems and devices that don't communicate with each other increase existing complexity. Field officials need mission-critical technology that delivers an intuitive and intelligent experience to respond effectively, as well as flexible tools to seamlessly connect with a broader ecosystem of technologies.

In this context, Motorola Solutions has developed a terrestrial trunk radio device (Tetra) next generation - the MXP600- to meet the needs of public safety personnel. This system, light and very resistant, takes mission-critical voice communication to new levels, able to collaborate with other solutions.

blankFor Mark Schmidl, Vp. Motorola Solutions senior, "Frontline professionals always need their radio in stressful situations as a safety element, but they also require collaboration with other devices they carry with them, including smartphones and body video cameras".

Instead of managing multiple devices simultaneously, with MXP600 it is possible to activate them automatically. "For example, if a police officer presses the emergency button in a life-threatening situation, will activate the body camera in the future, without having to start the process separately. It's about simplifying and key functions of mission-critical communications", explains Katja Millard, Motorola Solutions device manager.

MXP600 uses smart microphone technology to suppress background noise and has a maximum volume that is, Approximately, four times higher than that of a smartphone.

When working in windy environments, the device automatically uses the speaker as an additional microphone optimized to reduce interference, and if several radios are too close, automatically eliminates acoustic feedback.

Air programming or OTAP (Over the air programming) makes it easier for devices to update on the fly and in minutes, avoiding time, logistics and costs related to traditional radio programming.

The new M-RadioControl app offers a flexible way for mobile phones to work alongside the MXP600. Built-in NFC proximity connection technology makes them seamlessly combined, while Bluetooth 5.0 allows the wireless connection between all devices to remain secure.

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By • 10 Nov, 2020
• Section: Communications, Urban security, Services