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The infrastructure is composed of IP cameras dome vandal-proof interior and exterior, as well as recording Vision and platform solution for the operation of the system of safety Watcher.

Jamaica Hospital Scati

Scati you have installed video surveillance platform in one of the hospital centres of reference in Jamaica in order to avoid incidents and reduce the reaction time.

This group hospital is a network private of character international that attends annually to more than one million of patients and counts with more than thousand beds. The Group has for a total of 16 medical centers located in Spain, Dominican Republic, Mexico and Jamaica, which are equipped with of the latest innovations technology in the field of the medicine and it management, Hence also require innovative systems to ensure the safety of their patients and workers.

Jamaica hospital of a platform of video surveillance can offer all the tools of prevention before any event and reduce the reaction time needed, resulting in greater security of its facilities. Also, the solution should give response to the requirements of some facilities that have with a great diversity of environments by which circulate freely employees, patients and companions. This form to a joint heterogeneous of spaces, each with different requirements and limitations.

Jamaica Hospital Scati

Comprehensive security

The solution that Scati has supplied to this complex hospital is composed of a variety of cameras IP, with great quality of image and an easy handling from the center of control. The platform is made up of IP cameras dome, with a resolution of 1,3 megapixel, resistant to any incident thanks to a level of protection vandal-resistant IK10; camera IP megapixel Mini dome for outdoor, with a resolution of 1,3 megapixel and a scope go of 20 meters approx.; and cameras IP megapixel also for foreign.

Also, the infrastructure has platforms for recording Scati Vision and solution for the operation of the system of safety Watcher.

The software of recording multitasking Scati Vision is integrated with the cameras IP and with the application Watcher of the center of control. The result of this integration is a complete solution for video surveillance, that fits the needs of such facilities with varied spaces.

Scati Vision allows to obtain maximum performance from the system that simultaneously takes the picture, recording, storage, system configuration, visualization in real-time and recorded video and transmission. Thanks to the tools of analysis of video that incorporates and to the possibility of associating events external to the video through ports physical, the software is capable of performing searches advanced, saving time to its operators and speeding up investigations.

For his part, Scati Watcher solution takes care of remote management of recording platforms. Its features allow the display of the images of the hospital, In addition to the configuration of installed equipment, alarm management, carrying out of searches advanced, management plans and creating device groups.

Security and privacy

It put up of the platform of video surveillance of Scati in the Center Hospital allows the display of images in time real and of video recorded, In addition to the reception and management of events and alarms by groups and schedules. Thanks to these tools, the Center is capable of guarantee the security of them professional of the health and of them patients and their companions. This solution combines the guarantees of security with the privacy and the comfort of patients and visitors, one of the main challenges faced by any platform in an installation of these features.

"A hospital is a place where he should live peacefully and without interference the safety of employees and users with the privacy of patients and their companions. Scati security platform has enabled us to take a step beyond security thanks to a broad portfolio of cameras video surveillance and recording platform. Thanks to the integration with Watcher, "are capable of performing an administration remote and simple of them platforms of recording and to the same time view them images of the Center", comment from the hospital.

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By • 23 Sep, 2016
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