This new all-in-one hybrid network device can incorporate both analog and IP video surveillance cameras and unified security device encoding.

Genetec SV-32 v2

SV-32 v2, the new turnkey version of this networked security device from Canadian manufacturer Genetec is now available to certified members of this company's Business Partner Program and end users worldwide, to train organizations to install a unified or independent video surveillance and analogue access control/IP system, while allowing them to maintain their existing analog infrastructure investments.

The system incorporates analog coding cards and offers a cost-effective solution for integrating existing analog cameras as part of an IP transition program. In addition, has the platform Security Center of Genetec pre-installed, allowing the consolidation of multiple remote sites in a single security environment, while supporting a wide variety of IP cameras to be used for years without obsolescence issues, and door controllers that adapt to various installation needs.

Genetec SV-32 v2Especially suitable for those organizations that have already made a large investment in analog cameras over the years, such as the banking and retail industry, SV-32 v2 can withstand up to 32 cameras of both this type and IP, as well as a hundred access control readers in each unit.

In addition, also performs a dual function as a client workstation, providing a unified view of video surveillance and access control events with up to two monitors, so operators can respond quickly to any incident. A powerful search engine and reporting tools help speed up investigations.

Operators can verify photos of staff with recorded or live video associated with door access control events that are part of the system, and automatically trigger alarms triggered by video events or access control events.

When using the Security Center Mobile app, SV-32 v2 users have the ability to view their systems and receive real-time alarms on their Android devices, Apple and Windows Phone from anywhere. Security personnel can also watch live and recorded video, control PTZ cameras, lock and unlock doors and receive real-time alarm and access control events, expanding the ability to react to incidents efficiently.

By leveraging the capabilities of Security Center Federation, SV-32 v2 system allows customers to quickly install Security Center video surveillance and/or access control systems at distributed sites, making it easy to monitor multiple locations and centralize security operations.

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By • 27 Apr, 2016
• Section: Deep down, Access control, Systems control, Video surveillance