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The maker of Äänekoski has of 36 Bosch IP video cameras to control the production processes. Monitoring is carried out from a large video wall featuring Matrox Mura IPX and C680 cards.

Matrox in Metsä Fibre

Metsa Fiber, Division of the Metsä group, It is the second world producer of pulp and with the sights set on to remain a leader in its market, recently, It has opened a factory for Bioproducts in Äänekoski (Finland). With an annual production capacity of 1,3 million tonnes of pulp, together with other bio-products like oil and turpentine, It marks a new era for the forest industry.

The factory uses automation and digital monitoring vanguard for its production of wood cutting lines, wash, etc.. To complement this, Metsä Fiber was looking for a solution of videowall that would allow them to monitor their production operations. Taking the recommendation of one of its main suppliers, Andritz Oy, Metsä Fiber contacted the local system integrator, Elkome Systems, for the installation of this support of visualization that opted for the hyper of Matrox Graphics to carry out the project.

Metsä Fiber knew that investing in a large video wall was the best decision, Since it would allow the control room operators function effectively and improve team collaboration efforts to allow to visualize large amounts of crucial information at the same time.

In each turn, two operators continuously control the operations of high-speed line where the wood is cut into smaller pieces. To control this process account the factory with 36 Bosch IP video cameras that are constantly focused on cutting of logs. These are fed into a video from the same manufacturer Server.

Matrox in Metsä Fibre

The operators have the ability to change any of the entries of the 36 cameras, that should show on the videowall. This solution is key to the operations of the factory, Since it allows the control of the process through the monitoring continues. This unattended, the production line could not functional.

The videowall factory installed measures 6,5 meters long, is designed in a configuration 12×1 offers multi-channel capture capabilities.

Housed in a single 4U video wall controller Advantech There are three card Matrox Mura IPX that can capture up to four inputs 4K and encode / decode multiple streams 4K.

Mura IPX cards capture the outputs of the video server's Bosch and automation systems, through four and six respectively tickets, all in Full HD resolution (1.920×1.080P60). In the same system there are two graphics card Matrox C680 that feed the 12 Swivel screens to 1080 p 60, where are multiple video sources simultaneously.

The initial configuration and other management tasks are performed with the Matrox MuraControl software. For day to day operations, using an easy to use program, that has been customized by Elkome for Metsä Fiber, that contains custom configurations.

Matrox in Metsä Fibre

A part of the videowall is also dedicated to show surveillance alarms 24/7 production control systems.

Alarms are normally activated when the received values of the control system are within the threshold of expected values (for example, the temperature is too high or too low). If trips, operators can see a complete picture of the problem and take appropriate measures promptly, even stop the process if necessary. Surveillance operators can also share the screen with other decision makers.

This large videowall plays a key role in Äänekoski Metsä Fibre plant operations. It allows a centralized monitoring 24/7 court operations, which provides a safer and more productive environment, by allowing operators to make timely and informed decisions. Among initiatives that have provided for this manufactures Finnish is the establish a second redundant server.

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By • 7 Sea, 2019
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