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The mobile application HandyApp of Risco Group offers a wide range of technical tools and sales to assist and facilitate the installation of security products to professionals.

Risco Group HandyAppThe provider of integrated security solutions Risk Group It has developed HandyApp, an innovative application for mobile devices designed to give support to the installer of your products and facilitate their work with technical tools and sale, available in several languages.

Installers can activate the warranty simply by scanning the QR code through HandyApp at the time of installation, as well as have direct and immediate access to product manuals access Risco Group if any questions arise during the work process.

HandyApp provides installers access to a wide range of sales tools to present to potential customers, including videos and product brochures. Through this application, the professional also has the ability to easily initiate a request for consultation support Risco Group with a direct call or emailing, and further simplify the query by scanning the product, with all the trimmings.

This application also includes a number of specialized calculators to help installers calculations in their work in order to shorten the installation time. HandyApp, freely available for download on Google Play and Apple Store, It has been developed in several languages ​​to facilitate the work of installers Risco Group products worldwide.

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By • 28 Apr, 2015
• Section: Equipment test, Training, Services