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More than one hundred of Mobotix cameras will be installed in the Principality of Andorra in order to promote the area. Images and audio will be on the portal of webcams that seeks to offer the best views of the live country.

MOBOTIX in Andorra

MOBOTIX you plan to install your security cameras in Andorra thanks to your partner Wolkam IT group, composed of Devisionnetwork and propogation3 systems, that has come to selected by the portal www.andorrawebcams.com as Project Management Consultancy.

Wolkam IT, selected by their experience during almost a decade in management and installation of webcams in Spain, It has opted for Mobotix cameras that are placed in Andorra, and, turn, Wolkam IT has chosen to Infomobel by his experience as a local contractor for the deployment and maintenance in such facilities.

Mobotix M15Thermal-MxThe Mobotix MxPEG codec has been chosen for your safety, compression and quality, qualities necessary to enjoy the wonders of the country of Andorra in real time and with audio, from the State of the snow to the most unusual places. All from anywhere in the world with any device with Internet connection.

Mobotix camera images and audio that may be offered through the portal www.andorrawebcams.com will be live at the 365 days a year 24 hour. This platform of webcams will serve as a window of Andorra and tourism promotion tool both internal and external.

There are already installed 3 Mobotix cameras of the model M15, a camera based on the technology of 5 megapixel whose system offers two interchangeable sensor modules and is based on the concept of platform of the company.

Short term expected installation of 10 format streaming cams and, in a second phase, It is estimated the installation of 20 cameras. In total, about to install some 100 cameras, Although it is yet to be determined. It all depends on the needs to cover the total of the country including strategic points to see the State of the roads.

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By • 13 Apr, 2015
• Section: MAIN FOCUS, Detection, Urban Security, CCTV