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The manufacturer of integrated digital video solutions Scati has available its new IP camera Pinhole, designed for hidden installation in environments requiring a high level of discretion, as ATMs.

Scati Pinhole IP

Small in size, Pinhole is the new IP camera developed by Scati for concealed installation in environments requiring a high level of discretion and does not violate the privacy of users, as ATMs, self-service gas stations, stores, etc..

Scati Pinhole IPPinhole camera is an IP video surveillance 1,3 featuring an megapixel resolution for displaying images with more detail, favoring the identification of people and objects on stage.

Integrated ATM (automatic teller Machine) or ATM, for example, this camera helps in facial recognition work without bothering or violate the privacy of the person who is using the device.

Also, IP Camera Pinhole WDR technology incorporates (wide dynamic range) to automatically fix backlight very abrupt contrasts that can occur in certain locations, as access to branches of financial institutions and ATMs own.

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By • 27 Aug, 2013
• Section: To fund, Services, CCTV