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The Spanish technology multinational Indra will contribute its experience in infrastructure protection in the R D nShield, in which seven EU countries involved, and that it is intended to improve the safety conditions of the next generation of embedded systems to ensure reliability, Security and privacy of sensitive data and critical applications.

Indra collaborates in the project nSHIELD, whose objective is to facilitate the widespread use of the technology in a safe condition within critical embedded systems. nSHIELD is an initiative of r & d, promoted and financed by the European Union within the 7th framework programme, which has a budget of 13 millions of euros and has with a term of execution of three years. Participate in it, In addition to Spain, other European countries like Italy, Greece, Norway, Hungary, Sweden and Slovenia. nSHIELD will establish a reference architecture that allows the dynamic and intelligent composition of heterogeneous devices and services for security applications. Also, will make possible the emergence of a new generation of embedded systems, enriched with innovative security features. Also, It will provide a semantic framework to automatically adapt the capabilities of reliability and safety in different domains.

He purpose of nSHIELD is create a platform standard of application in systems embedded or embedded that guarantee the safety and reliability of them communications and transmissions to the same time that respects the privacy of them users. Those systems embedded are applications of computing, of use usual in her life everyday, designed to meet specific needs of the user and integrated into other general control systems. The navigators GPS in a vehicle, information of trains or aircraft systems, taximeters, access control systems, the electronics controlling the machines vending or systems that manage the operation of the industrial processes would be examples of this kind of applications.

With the project nSHIELD is will reduce security challenges involving the use of these systems, especially in complex products and critical infrastructure. nSHIELD will provide a secure framework for the information contained by the embedded applications and information transmitted through private networks and the internet. For this, the proposal includes the development of new technologies SPD (Security, Privacy & Dependability) it allow to advance the development and reuse of existing embedded systems, improving these skills and enriching them with a greater willingness of integration into other systems. Also, This feature will minimize costs and reduce time of built-in application design.

The resulting platform may be used in multiple scenarios of everyday life, Although initially it will be tested in the rail sector and aviation, in the social field in situations related to mobility and networks, and in those technologies based on facial recognition and voice. In a plane or train, for example, the solution will provide all the security system with unique conditions, avoiding failures and providing protection against possible attacks carried out by malicious agents. The solution will create a secure framework of communication between sensors and control units, avoiding any possible manipulation by hackers. Through a global and comprehensive application, nSHIELD establishes a secure environment that guarantees the confidentiality and privacy throughout the system.

Secure communications

Indra is responsible for ensuring that communication over wireless networks systems are safe and reliable connectivity. Among other possibilities, Thanks to the company's technology embedded applications may be 'able' to detect intruders or malicious users in the system, find way safe for them communications between routers or authenticate resources of the network without having that use an entity central certifying based is only in certifications individual. The multinational technological, also, responsible for exploiting the product chosen for validation scenarios.

Recently, nSHIELD has reached the second milestone of the project, having made public the reference architecture and the requirements for the annual review, which was held in Rome in October last.

The project is part of the ARTEMIS European technology platform, whose objective is meet to the main actors in the field of the systems computer embedded, covering the different sectors industrial through them 17 companies that make up this initiative. One of her main tasks has been to define a common strategic research Agenda, as a reference within the domain of embedded systems, to encourage investments of the parties interested of this field.

The project partners

The nSHIELD Consortium counts with the participation of seven countries of the European Union (Italy, Spain, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Norway, Sweden) and is formed by companies, universities and research centres. The partners are: SELEX Galileo, Ansaldo STS, Acorde Technologies, ISI / ATHENA, SELEX Elsag, Foundation Tecnalia Research & Innovation, IPS Sistemi Programmabili - Eurotech Security, Hellenic Aerospace Industry, Indra Software Labs, Integrated Systems Development, Movation AS, University of Mondragó, Alfatroll, SEARCH-LAB, SESM scarl, Swedish Institute of Computer Science, T2 Data AB, Telcred, THYIA, Technical University of Crete and the universities of Genova, Udina and Rome (La Sapienza).

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By • 27 Nov, 2012
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