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Indra will provide an integrated access control and security in the new expansion project of the Panama Canal. In the project is expected to use more than 10.000 credentials and 400 Readers for Access Control, 350 and chambers 4.500 detectors.

The Spanish multinational technology Indra has been awarded a contract to implement an integrated access control and security in the context of the expansion project of the Panama Canal system. The integrated control and safety system will be equipped with the latest technology and include access control to buildings, control vehicle, perimeter alarm, intrusion detection and building control system and video recording, for the locks on the Pacific side of the Canal and the Atlantic, as well as the associated buildings.

By tech, solution for access control Indra will enable centralized management of the credentials of more than 10.000 employees available to the Panama Canal Authority and its contractors, and access to 70 buildings that allow the control and operation of the third set of locks. The system, worth over 400 Access control readers, accords the security levels for both areas of common use by professionals Canal as other very restricted areas, combining the use of individual access cards with high tech biometric based security credentials.

The video surveillance and video recording, over 350 cameras, will be used to ensure the safety of the installation and monitoring of operations of locks and ship traffic. These systems can be managed from the control centers and integrated with perimeter detection systems and intrusion detection, endowed with over 4.500 motion detectors, Glass breakage, magnetic contacts the vibration.

Traffic control facilities and gates

The vehicle control system has the function to prevent the entry of unauthorized vehicles enclosure, internal traffic control on site and the floodgates of the Canal, signaling the possible passage of persons or gates, and prevent acts of sabotage in the most sensitive areas of the Canal. This system has great importance, since one of the novelties of the new expanded Canal is that vehicles can drive through two of the eight gates when closed and pedestrians can pass through all.

The control of traffic lights made by vehicles, a barrier arm and barrier novel (road blockers), high security devices and technology 100% Spanish, Similar to the automatic bollards that are in some cities, but with coverage up about three meters wide and capable of stopping vehicles several tons at a higher speed 60 Km / hour. This technology prevents prevent sabotage and unauthorized vehicles falling within the gates.

Indra will also implement a system for vessel detection, whose mission is to identify any floating object within the operational area of ​​the chambers of the locks to prevent accidental closure of the gates if a vessel or other object is on its way, thereby increasing the safety of the operation of closure.

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By • 16 Nov, 2012
• Section: Case Studies, Access control, Urban Security