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The manufacturer of high-definition IP video, MOBOTIX, has announced the availability of the S14 camera FlexMount, that stands out above all for their lenses in miniature and its flexible application possibilities. The S14 has up to two modules of lens, each of them is connected to the housing of the camera by a cable of 2 meters long. You can choose between the Hemispheric module and the 90 °, the day and the night.

MOBOTIX It has brought to the market the FlexMount S14, the first flexible dual hemispheric camera. Camera, It is available both in mono version (S14M) as dual (S14D), It has lens units in miniature and offers a wide range of application opportunities. For example, the S14D can be equipped with two hemispheric lenses with built-in microphone that are connected to the main box via cables. This makes it possible to monitor two rooms side by side or one above the other with a single S14. The slim design of the units, they are available in white and black, They allow an extremely unobtrusive installation.

The Flexmount S14 offers the option to configure two hemispheric lenses at the same time in order to fully cover two adjoining rooms with a single S14D. When installing in a certain way, the S14D can also see in the corners or protect areas inside and outside at the same time. Two sensors allow the S14 to generate two 180° high resolution panoramic images, with corrected distortion, each with a resolution of 3,1 megapixel. All other Mobotix lenses, from the super-wide-angle to the telephoto, they will be available in the near future as day or night versions.

The S14 is first hemispheric world night and day. When two modules with black and white and colour sensors are mounted directly one beside the other and they cover the same area, the camera automatically selects the best mode available depending on lighting conditions. This provides excellent colors in the light of the day, as well as great sensitivity to light in dark environments. Pan and zoom in the image are made exclusively by electronic means. The user has detailed views and other sections of the image without any mechanical movement, which means that there is no camera wear and requires no maintenance.


Both modules and the independent housing with the latest card dual camera are in accordance with IP65 weather-proof, and operate in a temperature range of -30 ° C to +60 °C. Its flat housing, including a Flash memory and all external connections (Ethernet, Mini USB, MxBus), can be mounted discreetly and well protected behind a wall or roof sheathing, leaving only the lenses within the Ultracompact housings of protection. Feeding is done very cost-effectively through a network cable (PoE). With less than five watt hours, the power consumption is extremely low.

Wide range of applications

The technical characteristics of the camera and his unobtrusive mount opens a wide range of application opportunities. L-shaped rooms, for example, two sensor modules can be placed in the corner at right angles each other, getting, therefore, the capture of the entire room without any blind spot. Thus, the S14 is particularly suited for use in hotels, banks and shops retail in the highest levels of security and discretion required. The S14 can also show its properties in security doors and offices. MOBOTIX offers installation accessories suitable for the mounting of the sensor on the thicker walls module. Using several pieces of extension (each one of 40 mm. about), can be saved “holes tunnel” longer through a wall.

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By • 6 Jul, 2012
• Section: CCTV