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FLIR Systems, specialist in the design and manufacture of thermal imaging cameras for a wide variety of applications, has developed the innovative Multispectral Dynamic Image feature (Msx), that produces high-quality thermography in which the most subtle details can be seen.

FLIR Systems has launched Multispectral Dynamic Image technology (Msx). This new feature produces high-quality images in which you can see the subtlest details. MSX produces thermography with improved texture. Thanks to this new feature, more anomalies can be detected, more detailed analyses can be carried out and conclusions can be drawn in a fraction of a second.

This new technology, still pending patenting, is based on a unique integrated FLIR processor that provides even the subtlest details of real-time thermography. MSX technology incorporates real-time thermal video enhanced with visible spectrum definition. As a result, exceptional thermal clarity is obtained to locate the exact location of the problem.

MSX ensures easier target identification without compromising radiometric data. That's why, thermal imaging offers excellent quality. In most cases, you won't need to resort to a complementary digital image. FLIR's new MSX technology enhances digital camera detail in videos and thermal frames.

Instant real-time results

Thanks to the new MSX technology, thermography is sharper, goal orientation is faster and reports are sorted and a more effective route is ensured to find solutions. Users can view MSX technology results in real time and directly on the camera's touchscreen.

FLIR thermal imaging cameras incorporating MSX are the FLIR T440, the FLIR T440bx, FLIR T640 and FLIR T640bx, designed for experts who require high performance and the most advanced technologies available.

The FLIR T440 and FLIR T440bx series allow you to highlight objects of interest in both thermal and visual imaging by creating a sketch directly on the touch screen. In these cameras you can also directly create an instant inspection report (including sketches or other text comments). A programmable button provides a shortcut to the user's preferred functions.

The FLIR T440bx, specially designed for the construction sector, has a built-in compass. In this way, the inspector can see which direction he's looking in and in which direction a wall is oriented. This information can be of vital importance when conducting building inspections. The direction in which the camera is focused is automatically added to each image. This feature allows you to detect potential anomalies and report more efficiently and accurately.

More accessible thermography

For its part, FLIR T640 and FLIR T640bx cameras produce thermal images of 640 X 480 incorporate a GPS function that allows you to georeference thermal images to determine your geographic location and easily locate the exact location of possible anomalies.

In the FLIR T640 and FLIR T640bx cameras it is possible to create a “instant report” inspection (with sketches or other textual comments). A programmable button provides easy access to favorite features. Clearly indicates in a saved image the location of the problem, both thermal and visual imaging. This can be done immediately on the camera's touch screen. The prompts you make will automatically appear in the report. Also, Continuous autofocus function makes the FLIR T640 and FLIR T640bx the first fully automatic thermal imaging cameras on the market.

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By • 17 Apr, 2012
• Section: General