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The manufacturer of infrared thermal imaging cameras FLIR Systems has added to its portfolio the new video camera FLIR GF304 gas sensor, developed especially for detection of refrigerant gases.

FLIR Systems has released the FLIR GF304, a video camera gas sensor has been specially developed for the detection of refrigerant gases, without interrupting the activity. Refrigerant gases are used worldwide in industrial refrigeration systems for production, storage and food retailing. The refrigerant gas is also used in the chemical industry, pharmaceutical, automotive and air conditioning systems.

Maintain operation of industrial cooling system is of great importance because of the value of goods chilled. Moreover, replacement or recharging gas can be a costly exercise. While refrigerants are vital for many industries, It can also be dangerous for the environment and can be regulated by local standards. That is why it is important to find leaks quickly and easily. FLIR Systems makes it possible to FLIR GF304 infrared camera for optical imaging of gas.

The FLIR GF304 reduces the loss of income by finding gas leaks, even small, quickly and efficiently, and a distance. It also reduces inspection time to be able to explore a wide area quickly without the need to interrupt the manufacturing process.

Refrigerant gases that detects the FLIR GF304 is the R404A – R407C, R410AR134A, R417AR422A, R507A – R143a and R125 – R245fa. The most commonly used refrigerants are R404A, R410A, R407C y R134A.

Dual purpose

The FLIR GF304 can be used both for finding gas leaks to maintenance inspections where required a temperature reading. The FLIR GF304 displayed temperature -20 ° C until +500 ° C. You can easily perform inspections of high voltage, Low Voltage, Mechanical and many others with FLIR GF304.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity via a Wi-Fi USB adapter to connect the FLIR GF304 smartphones or tablet PCs for wireless image transfer or remote camera control.

Also, with the video camera GF304 gas sensor is easy to explore areas of interest that are hard to reach with conventional methods. The camera is ergonomically designed with a tilt bright LCD screen and viewfinder, what makes using the camera all day.

High Sensitivity Mode

The High Sensitivity Mode (HSM) further increases the sensitivity of the camera so that the smallest gas leaks can also be detected. The HSM feature makes the inspection process easier, faster and more accurate for utility engineers and camera operators.

The FLIR GF304 contains a quantum infrared photodetector (QWIP) cooled and cold pass filter band for viewing the gases in the frequency band 8.0-8.6 micrometers, by clearly visible not only refrigerant gases, but also the smaller temperature differences.

The FLIR GF304 comes with a lens 14,5 ° fixed or a lens 24 ° fixed. A version with interchangeable lenses is also available, but requires a license from the State Department of the USA.

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By • 10 Apr, 2012
• Section: General