Hikvision EET parking management

With this parking management and guidance solution from Hikvision, marketed by the wholesaler Tse, Both companies offer a smarter and safer system in parking management, for both companies and cities.

Efficient parking management has become a priority for cities and businesses looking to improve the user experience and optimize traffic flow.

In this sense, Hikvision, Video Surveillance & IoT Technology Solutions Manufacturer, has developed an innovative Parking Management System for application in parking lots of indoors and outdoors, which is marketed through the wholesaler Tse.

The collaboration between Hikvision and EET ensures a Efficient distribution and expert advice, from project planning to final delivery, to implement this solution both in small installations and in large projects with thousands of parking spaces.

Hikvision's parking management solution integrates advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, Automatic license plate recognition and data analytics in real time, to offer an optimal parking experience.

Hikvision guided-parking EET

By using High-resolution cameras and an advanced Image Processing, This management solution offers a Accurate and efficient monitoring of each seat Parking, Quick location of vehicles within the car park, the detection of improperly parked vehicles and even suspicious activity, such as damage to cars, overheating of batteries in electric vehicle charging or theft.

One of the highlights of this Hikvision solution is its ability to improve the Safety and Vehicle Traffic Management in Urban Environments that are usually congested.

Thanks to the integration of Parking guidance, Drivers can easily access available seats in real-time, reducing search time and minimizing congestion in parking areas.

In addition, This system offers unique management through HikCentral, Hikvision's software platform that enables operators to Monitor and control multiple locations Parking from a single control center, improving operational efficiency and providing valuable data for strategic decision-making and resource optimization.

Thanks to HikCentral, Operators can get statistics on peak and off-peak hours, the most used parking areas and the average time of use of the spaces.

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By • 16 May, 2024
• Section: Access control, Systems control, Detection, Urban security, Services, Video surveillance