Hanwha at Yalova Terminal

In order to be able to supervise the entry and exit of vehicles and people in this port in Turkey, more 70 cameras Hanwha Vision. Specifically, there are 48 equipment PNO-A9081R, 17 XNO-C7083R and 7 XNP-6400RW.

The team at the Yalova terminal turned to the installer Teknoloji Art and Hanwha Vision's technology to deliver a video surveillance solution comprised of more than 70 Cameras equipped with artificial intelligence.

The Yalova terminal is a ro-ro port (Ro-Ro), which means it's designed to carry cargo on wheels. It's border gate number 63 of Turkey and began operating in 2017. It has a surface of 80.000 square meters with capacity for 500 trailers and 16.000 square meters of storage, which includes an ADR warehouse for storing dangerous goods.

Hanwha at Yalova Terminal

X-ray facilities are available on site, A Customs Laboratory, Offices & Driver Break Rooms. All of these facilities require continuous monitoring to protect personnel, to the drivers and the material contained in the trailers at the port.

The team at the Yalova Ro-Ro terminal was looking for ways to intelligently monitor activities at the port and quickly locate images for investigations if necessary. Due to the dimensions of the port, An efficient way to store and supply video streams to the control room and servers was also sought.

AI Cameras Reduce False Alarms

Hanwha Wisenet PNO-A9081RThe team turned to installer Arte Teknoloji and Hanwha Vision to deliver a complete video surveillance solution, powered by Artificial Intelligence, With 48 Cameras PNO-A9081R, 17 XNO-C7083R And 7 XNP-6400RW.

With AI analytics built into the device, the cameras give the security team at the Yalova Ro-Ro terminal only alerts regarding the events that require their attention. This frees them up to focus on other responsibilities, while cameras search for relevant objects or potential incidents that require human intervention.

Cameras ignore potential false alarms such as video noise, Trees with leaves that move with the air, Moving Clouds and Animals, helping to reduce operator fatigue and frustration.

Perimeter protection

Hanwha XNP-6400RWThe PTZ camera Plus XNP-6400RW is designed for the perimeter protection. With automatic object tracking using Artificial Intelligence, Operators can monitor the movement of objects while keeping their hands free to control other cameras.

This funAnalysis It is backed by highly advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, Hanwha Vision Exclusives.

The camera captures images of objects that can be used as evidence up to a distance of 200 meters in all lighting conditions, with the help of adaptive IR technology that adjusts the angle of the camera's IR LEDs to match the zoom level.

Object Detection and Classification

The PNO-A9081R camera is a bullet type, with artificial intelligence and 4K resolution, And it can detect people, Faces, Vehicles, License plates and their attributes. This allows operators to understand who and which vehicles enter and exit the site, particularly around the perimeter, or they enter and exit the ships docked in the harbor.

In this way, They can respond quickly to a potential intrusion or unusual behavior, reducing the risk of stock theft, Equipment or Vehicles. Attribute-based object classification also allows you to quickly search for evidence for future research.

Cameras also detect loitering, Audio (e.g. screams), Manipulation of the camera itself and shock detection. The BestShot feature automatically chooses the best images of an object, which helps reduce bandwidth consumption and improves storage efficiency, as well as providing detailed, high-quality images to the control room.

"It was important for the team at the Yalova Ro-Ro port to have an effective video system that would improve situational awareness and response times, especially after the devastating Kahramanmaraş earthquake. It is a very active international Ro-Ro port with millions of dollars in stock and equipment, It was essential to have the best security system in place, intuitive and easy to install", explains Eyup Tetik, Director of Corporate Sales at Entpa Elektronik.

The facility is part of the new port area and the security team expects to reap the benefits of efficiency gains, Increased situational awareness, more detailed investigations and faster response times as a result of the AI-powered video system.

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By • 29 Jan, 2024
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