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Axis Device Manager Extend

In addition to reducing the costs of operations, the new Device Manager Extend solution from Axis Communications facilitates monitoring and maintenance of devices at multiple sites after installation.

This solution expands the device management portfolio of Axis Communications and complements the functionality of Device Manager, since while the latter offers a quick and simple configuration at the time of installation, Device Manager Extend simplifies the complex and time-consuming task of monitoring and maintaining multiple devices across multiple sites to reduce security threats and vulnerabilities.

Axis Device Manager Extend

With an added control panel and access to remote sites, This Axis solution provides an overview and snapshot for effective asset management across locations, in addition to facilitating the tracking of devices throughout their life cycle.

Specifically,, allows you to set and configure security settings and reinforcement policies and apply them to Axis devices at all sites, which helps ensure that everyone complies with security policies and practices. In addition, The ACAP support makes it easy to see which scans are running on devices and apply new ones.

Axis Device Manager ExtendDevice Manager Extend offers easy setup and troubleshooting so users can manage thousands of Axis devices and perform tasks at scale, as well as proactively planning technology upgrades.

Thanks to real-time access to product warranty information, as well as the status of the software and firmware, users will receive recommendations on device security settings, firmware updates and replacement products. This licensed solution ships with a ninety-day free trial.

Key features

  • Remote management of Axis devices across all sites.
  • Checking the firmware version and sending updates in minutes.
  • Easy troubleshooting via device status dashboard view.
  • Display of warranty and product discontinuation information.
  • Proactively planning technology upgrade and hardware replacement.
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By • 21 Jul, 2022
• Section: Systems control, Test equipment, Services