Scati G500

Based on IP technology, the G500 range of Scati It is composed of recorders capable of managing up to 32 Cameras with total stability, which makes them very reliable systems.

Designed to meet the most demanding demands of video surveillance, engravers Scati Vision G500 PRO Series They combine advanced technology, Optimal functionalities and easy configuration to provide a complete security solution. Built with IP technology, This range is made up of equipment capable of managing up to 32 Cameras with total stability, which makes them very reliable systems.

With an improvement in its performance compared to its predecessors (G400 range), These NVRs are designed to meet the recording needs of large users with distributed installations. They allow video to be served simultaneously to multiple VMS clients and dynamically adapt the transmission of information according to the bandwidth available at any given time..

Scati G500

The G500 range can work with any Onvif camera and incorporates intelligent event detection: Movement, intrusions or changes in the scene; as well as functionalities that allow you to monitor your status (Disks, temperature...), and in case of failure, notify technical alarms to the VMS to trigger the corresponding maintenance.

Like the rest of Scati Vision recorders, the G500 range uses H.265 compression algorithms, resulting in less storage without compromising image quality.

They have an integrated Gigabit PoE switch (up to 16 Ports), that allows the cameras to be fed directly from the recorder which facilitates installation and commissioning thanks to the Wizard configurator available, providing significant time and cost savings.

They can accommodate up to 4 Discs of 3,5 Inch, being able to reach up to the 40 TB of storage, which facilitates the recording of images at full resolution and continuously. Another advantage of H.265 is the transmission of images over the network in a much lighter and smoother way..

In an increasingly connected world, Cybersecurity is critical, so this range implements robust authentication policies and protocols to ensure that only authorized individuals have access to images and data.

This solution has been designed for medium-sized projects that require robust recording equipment, Reliable and easy to use, given its versatility and handling.

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By • 24 Jul, 2023
• Section: Infrastructure, Computer security, Video surveillance