Hikvision iDS-TCV900-BI

The tests, made by Alter Technology Tüv Nord, have consisted of evaluating the reliability of license plate reading of the Chamber of Hikvision in an urban and an interurban environment.

Hikvision You have obtained the approval of your camera iDS-TCV900-BI to the functional and technical requirements described in the standard UNITES 199142-3. This regulates the acquisition of cameras for the surveillance of access to Low emission zones (LEZ) and its interconnection with the connected vehicle platform (DGT 3.0).

The tests, made by Alter Technology Tüv Nord, have consisted of evaluating the reliability of license plate reading of the Hikvision camera in two different scenarios, according to the regulations: in an urban environment and in an interurban environment.

The reading reliability test in urban environment includes two different types of reliability criteria. On the one hand, The camera's license plate reading ability in two lanes was evaluated, without considering mopeds.

In this case, Hikvision's camera demonstrated a vehicle detection reliability of the 99,76%, figure higher than that required by the standard (more than 98%). And the reliability of recognition of the license plate reading was located in the 98,29%, when the percentage required by the standard is to exceed 97%.

Hikvision iDS-TCV900-BI

On the other hand, The same test was performed, But, in this case, in a single lane and including mopeds. In this practical scenario, The detection reliability of the vehicle was 99,76% (when the standard demands more 97%) and the reliability in the recognition in the reading of the license plate was 98,29% (The standard requires more than 95%).

The test of reading reliability in interurban environment of the Hikvision high-speed camera consisted of measuring the ability to recognize license plates in two lanes, in the same direction of circulation.

In this scenario, The camera's vehicle detection reliability was 99,76% (The standard demands more 98%) and the reliability of recognition of the license plate reading was 98,16% (when the standard requires more than 97%).

In all cases, The detection level refers to the vehicles detected by the camera and the detected reliability refers to the success rate of the license plate reading on the detected vehicles.

The series of cameras to which the iDS-TCV900-BI model belongs, of 9 Megapixel, is the great bet of Hikvision in high-performance license plate readers. These are all-in-one cameras that incorporate analytics and algorithms based on Deep Learning for the identification and recognition of vehicles and allow the management of up to three lanes of circulation for each camera.

The camera iDS-TCV900-BI of Hikvision allows the reading of the approved plates for circulation, for both cars and motorcycles; the so-called ADR tuition plates, I mean, those approved at European level corresponding to the identification of dangerous goods carried by vehicles.

Also detects trailer license plates, with red background; VTC boards, with blue background; The Specials, as those corresponding to the bodies of the state (Civil Guard, Police, Army) And, finally, Hikvision's iDS-TCV900-BI camera also allows you to capture vehicles without license plates. In this case, The camera will pick up this detection, Classifying the license plate as unknown. This way you can search a posteriori vehicles without license plates, or with defective or unsupported license plates.

In addition to license plate identification, Hikvision's iDS-TCV900-BI camera is able to identify and classify vehicle type (tourism, motorcycle, truck, van or bus); its color; the manufacturer (logo); the country of origin; the direction of traffic and, Even, your speed. Also, Detects people and special vehicles, as a quad, Bicycles, Scooters...

Finally,, Hikvision's iDS-TCV900-BI camera can identify vehicles that run a red light; the absence/collapse of traffic on the road; Undue circulation (Illegal lane change, driving in the opposite direction or improper crossing of a road); Illegal parking; The jumps of zebra crossings, Etc.

All features (Analytical) offered by the iDS-TCV900-BI camera are made embedded in the camera itself. This is a clear advantage since, even if there are communication failures between the camera and the control center, Continue to work as normal by storing all events in your internal memory (only the installation of an SD card inside is required). Once communications are retrieved, The camera automatically synchronizes all detections with the Control Center.

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By • 26 May, 2023
• Section: Detection, Video surveillance