Hikvision Motion Detection 2

The Motion Detection software 2.0 of Hikvision It allows the identification of both humans and vehicles and avoids false alarms caused by the passage of pets, leaf fall, Etc. Especially recommended for perimeter detection of all types of businesses.

Hikvision revolutionize motion detection with Motion Detection 2.0. Equipped with technology Acusense, The great novelty of this software is that it allows to identify human beings and vehicles, and prevents false alarms from occurring due to elements such as heavy rain, the fall of a leaf or the passage of an animal. Artificial Intelligence brings Artificial Intelligence to all types of medium and small businesses.

This software is easy to set up and very easy to use. Can be applied in any scenario (small shops, as restaurants, clothing stores, Stores, Offices, Factories or residential buildings) and is especially recommended for perimeter detection.

Among the main features of Motion Detection 2.0 Highlights detection, quickly and effectively, of security threats through the correct identification of people and vehicles thanks to AcuSense technology, by Hikvision. Incorporates tools to quickly search for the video fragment related to the detected event.

Also, Allows administrators to easily configure alerts when people or vehicles access an environment. Like this, whether an area is usually occupied by visitors or pedestrians, Systems can be configured to ignore certain areas of the screen and only generate alerts if a person or vehicle accesses an unauthorized area, For example.

Thanks to automatic alerts for vehicles or people accessing restricted areas, Security teams can respond much more quickly and effectively to any security risk.

Another great advantage of Motion Detection 2.0 is the ability to search for video streams based on the appearance of people or vehicles for a specific period of time.

This means that administrators can find video clips of people and vehicles that have been recorded on Back-end (as NVR or DVR), No need to thoroughly review hours of video. In this way, In a few minutes you can analyze hours or even days of security images and find the security incident you are looking for.

Alerts caused by movements or identification of people or vehicles are automatically sent to security teams, allowing for a quick and effective response.

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By • 13 Feb, 2023
• Section: Alarms, Systems control, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Detection