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The widespread adoption of AI-based analytics, The evolution of open platforms, Cybersecurity and more, are some of the forecasts of i-PRO that this year will be seen in the physical security sector.

Five are the trends that i-PRO Expected to be adopted this year in video surveillance and physical security systems, discussed below.

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AI-based analytics in-camera

During the newly initiated 2023 There will be significant adoption of analytics-based Artificial Intelligence Technology (The) in cameras and video management systems (Vms), As more manufacturers offer this feature within their standard device ranges.

There are simply too many Video streams of cameras so people can monitor them effectively, so AI-based analytics will be a catalyst for security departments Achieve more with less.

This evolution will drive a remarkable change in the aspect of physical security., as it will allow organizations to be more Proactive Responding to events in real time, instead of reacting to those that have already occurred.

In 2023 will be switched from video capture to Data collection. The challenge will be how effectively organizations can use this data., Not just for safety, but also in interdepartmental operations that increase efficiency and revenue.

The Integrated processing will become the norm as the power of the system itself increases.. New ways to harness the distributed power of We Through container technologies they will continue to gain followers.

The same, The concept of Shares, across multiple devices, increase processing speed, improve the integration of Plugin Analytics and the speed of firmware updates, as well as the implementation of new analytics.

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Open AI platforms

As AI-based technologies continue to advance, In the physical security sector, the creation of Specialized tools by expert developers, Focused on solving unique problems.

Open platforms allow the best developers to access large markets. As with the current economy based on applications for computers and smart phones, this Efficacy model Proven will continue to take shape and offer integrators and users the level of customization what they expect from technology.

The future of the sector will be led by those who adopt open strategy as the best business practice. The creation of Flexible infrastructures that AI analytics developers can easily connect to will contribute to the democratization of this technology., also in sectors other than security.

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Privacy protection

Concerns about personal privacy continue to rise around the world, with varying degrees of compliance required by the sector. As an example, In 2023 The United States could follow Europe's lead and enact a Data Privacy Act similar to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at the federal level.

As assessed by the United Nations,, more than 70% of the world's countries have enacted data protection and privacy laws. As governments try to meet citizens' requests for more rights over their data, These laws continue to evolve.

The ability to hide faces, while maintaining a protected secondary data stream for testing purposes, will be a highly requested feature in the near future.

The industry should focus on making it easier for customers and users to comply with any new laws, as well as the GDPR. Some manufacturers are already taking steps to incorporate data privacy into their processes., as best practices.

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Cybersecurity Awareness

While security professionals are well aware of the geopolitical risks posed by dodgy state-owned manufacturers, The continued momentum to Securing networks by IT specialists and suppliers will create a Cybersecurity Awareness even greater in 2023.

During 2023, more European governments are expected to follow the example of the US NDAA, which prevents authorities from installing surveillance systems of certain manufacturers included in a blacklist in sensitive places.

Through a recent executive order, the White House has mandated federal compliance with the architecture and the design Zero Trust (Zero trust) For 2024. This will be a huge change in U.S. federal policy.. UU. For 2023, with repercussions for all companies operating at the level of the country.

We anticipate the continued adoption of Z practicesero Trust that validate each of the transactions between devices and people. The Cybersecurity as a pillar of corporate responsibility It will become an emerging trend as companies try to safeguard business continuity for their customers..

i-PRO WV-S8574L

Supply chain issues will persist

Although this topic will continue in the technological environment during 2023, The hard lessons learned are driving the Adoption of directives to prevent collapse types from occurring again in the same way.

However, Most of the proposed solutions are at an early stage of deployment and may not go online in the next twelve months.. Manufacturers and integrators will have to carefully orchestrate and manage channel expectations.

Find manufacturers with Reliable supply chains and a good level of transparency on the Availability of products and Delivery times To have the best chance of fulfilling contracts is a key element to achieve it.

As you point out Norio Hitsuishi, Global Director of Product Management, i-PRO, "2023 promises to be an impactful and transitional year for security professionals, as companies seek stability, but at the same time they have fewer resources to work with.".

The physical security sector "has the potential to step up and help companies achieve more with less," adds Hitsuishi., Delivering a wealth of data and insights to help protect people and assets, but also in the bottom line".

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