Hikvision HEOP 2

The new version of Hikvision HEOP provides developers with easier access to AIoT hardware products and technologies in a unified environment, Open and secure.

Hikvision has released the version 2.0 of the platform Embedded Open Platform (HEOP) At the summit Shaping Intelligence held in Bali (Indonesia) last November. This update provides developers with easier access to hardware products and technologies AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) of the company so that they can provide valuable content to their customers.
Open technology, platforms and collaboration are key to future adoption and development of AIoT, and the update of the HEOP platform demonstrates how Hikvision seeks to facilitate innovation and the work of its partners, providing a unified environment, Open and secure with which you can operate and manage your applications.

Thanks to its open architecture, the platform supports standalone containerized deployment and integrated application of third-party algorithms or components on Hikvision hardware, allowing you to integrate devices with ease and flexibility.

Compared to previous version, HEOP 2.0 facilitates the implementation of own Deep Learning algorithms on Hikvision devices, Providing smarter, more personalized applications for end users.

Innovative technologies

HEOP 2.0 incorporates Hikvision's Conch container technology and its HikFlow algorithm development kit.

Hikvision's container technology provides a separate execution environment for applications, optimizing the use of hardware resources and improving the level of security.

For its part, HikFlow is the core component of the HEOP platform, that allows third parties to run their Deep Learning algorithms on Hikvision devices. Its main advantage lies in the compatibility with multiple hardware platforms and the diversity of resources it offers to be able to perform the operations and execute the algorithms easily and comfortably..

HEOP Partners

Becoming a HEOP partner offers three advantages:

Greater efficiency and intelligence: Hikvision's new products are developed on the basis of the HEOP platform. By joining the HEOP ecosystem through the Technology Partner Portal, Developers have the ability to create applications that can run on the manufacturer's devices, as well as perform iterative development of intelligent AIoT applications functions based on HEOP efficiently.
Access to expertise and service: Hikvision offers comprehensive services, from documentation, Training and technical assistance, to facilitating the integration of developers into the company's ecosystem. Working together, both parties benefit from the possibilities offered by AIoT to offer intelligent solutions that cover all types of needs.
Global Marketing Network: The manufacturer provides its partners with all its power at the marketing level, so they can launch their products to the market with the best commercial strategy, Thanks to our experience and our different commercial channels around the world.

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By • 22 Dec, 2022