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Axis XPQ1785

The XPQ1785 PTZ camera Axis is designed to monitor large areas and certified for use in high-risk environments. In addition, incorporates an analytical solution to identify signs of smoke or fire in potentially combustible environments.

Axis Communications has unveiled its first in-house produced explosion-protected PTZ camera. The model XPQ1785 is designed to monitor large areas and certified for use in hazardous areas around the world.

Pre-installed smoke and fire detection analytics solution provides an additional level of safety for early fire detection, an advantage in health-related applications, safety and the environment.

"Surely many people already knew that Axis had explosion-protected cameras in its product catalog for years., but a camera of this type of own manufacture brings numerous advantages. Now we can optimize the design of all aspects of the camera, from the Artpec system-on-chip to the explosion-proof housing", Explains Jesper Olavi, Global Product Manager and Responsible for Axis Explosion Protected Cameras.

The stainless steel chamber (316L) has international Class I/II/III certifications, Division 1 and Zone 1/21 for use in hazardous areas (in accordance with NEC requirements, CEC, ATEX, IECEx and others).

With a pre-installed smoke detection analytics solution, can identify signs of smoke or fire in potentially combustible environments and help protect personnel and minimize risks.

Rugged explosion-protected camera makes it easy to remotely control production processes, to reduce to the minimum necessary the visits of professionals to restricted environments and with risk of explosion. In addition, you can use a power supply of 110-230 VAC, so it does not require any external power supply. And RJ45 and SFP ports are a guarantee of easy installation.

"Controlling the design of the housing is critical., since it allows us to adapt its structure to the characteristics of the camera, instead of having to do it the other way around. International certifications and unique part numbers translate into greater simplicity, reducing delivery times, improves worldwide availability and offers customers great flexibility in deployment", adds Olavi.

The Axis XPQ1785 offers HDTV 1080p resolution up to a maximum of 60 images per second. Features 32x optical zoom, 360° continuous pan and tilt rotation of +/- 90° for rapid camera repositioning and smooth, continuous tracking of objects.

Incorporates Axis Forensic WDR, that offers clarity even when there are illuminated and shadowed areas in the scene. thanks to Lightfinder provides sharp, color images in low-light conditions; and with Zipstream provides great bandwidth and storage savings without compromising image quality.

Electronic image stabilization keeps the image unchanged, even if the camera is exposed to vibrations.


  • International certifications for hazardous areas.
  • Smoke alert analytics.
  • Zipstream and Lightfinder.
  • HDTV 1080p and 32x optical zoom.
  • Of -40 To 60 ℃.

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By • 28 Jun, 2022
• Section: Video surveillance