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Genetec Synergis Cloud Link

The new IoT gateway connected by PoE of Genetec, Synergis Cloud Link helps you break free from proprietary access control systems, and includes more features, increased cybersecurity and future-proof security facilities.

Genetec has developed a new generation of the solution Synergis Cloud Link, the IoT gateway connected by PoE for access control.

The new development responds to the growing demand for non-proprietary access control solutions and provides a secure and secure gateway for a cloud or hybrid deployment.

When upgrading a security system, Synergis Cloud Link's open architecture allows you to leverage existing access control infrastructure and move to an IP solution. It also offers a more efficient approach to multisite deployments and eliminates the need for on-premises servers., reducing costs of ownership.

The Synergis Cloud Link IoT Gateway has built-in features that keep access control active even when the connection to the server is interrupted.

Synergis Cloud Link also offers greater cybersecurity thanks to user data encryption, secure boot and an EAL6+ standard item that stores cryptographic elements.

"Our new generation of Synergis Cloud Link allows us to provide a powerful gateway., safe and intelligent for the latest technologies, enabling easy connection to hybrid or cloud access control environments and limiting security investments, including hardware, cabling and infrastructure", Explains Thibault Louvet, Director of Access Control Products at Genetec

The device is compatible with non-proprietary access control modules from more established manufacturers, including HID Global, Axis Communications, Assa Abloy, Mercury Security, Allegion, SimonsVoss and STid, among others.

A single Synergis Cloud Link appliance is capable of supporting up to 256 electronic readers and locks, 600.000 cardholders, 150.000 offline events, as well as monitoring hundreds of zones and alarms.

Synergis Cloud Link also introduces a new firmware design that improves iability and lifecycle and update management.

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By • 27 Jun, 2022
• Section: Access control, Networks, Computer security