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Hikvision ColorVu Panoramic

These new panoramic devices of Hikvision with ColorVu provide a wider field of view, with better image quality and more vivid colors, even in conditions of almost total darkness.

The integration of the ColorVu technology of Hikvision in its new range of panoramic camera offers sharper and full color video images, with a wide viewing angle, especially advantageous in large areas where multiple cameras are normally required for full coverage.

In addition, these new devices offer clear monitoring in conditions of very low or practically no brightness, as low as 0,0005 Lux, thanks to the use of a 'image fusion' to join images from two lenses, side by side, and provide a 180º vision.

The result is that requirements are reduced, as fewer cameras are required to cover large areas than if traditional devices were used, as well as having a more accurate situational awareness based on a single wide-angle image and no blind spots, with the addition of capturing every detail in full color, even in almost total darkness.

Hikvision ColorVu Panoramic

These cameras offer a Operative 24/7 in large environments, both indoors and outdoors, as car parks, Parks, Farms, stadiums or traffic intersections, Etc.

Hikvision's image fusion technology present in the new panoramic cameras offers significant benefits compared to traditional wide-angle cameras. Specifically,, applying pixel-level matching between images from left- and right-side sensors prevents blind spots, as well as the twisting and distortion of images.

In addition, image blending process includes brightness and color processing technology that ensures consistency across the wide-angle image, which is a significant improvement over traditional panoramic cameras, that do not compensate for the different lighting conditions experienced by the lenses on the left and right side.

All models in the new range of panoramic cameras use the AcuSense AI technology by Hikvision, that differentiates between real security threats and moving objects, like animals, falling leaves and heavy rain. As a result,, operators can focus on real security incidents and false alarms are minimized.

These new range of panoramic cameras can be equipped with light and sound alarms Live Guard by Hikvision, that deter potential intruders from accessing places or buildings, avoiding loss or damage to property and improving safety.

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By • 7 Jun, 2022
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