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By Demes access control

In this article, By Demes explains what these devices are and what they are for that allow to protect and control the entry of people and vehicles in factories, Offices, premises and dwellings. Solutions that complement intrusion and video surveillance systems.

Increasingly used as a complement to video surveillance systems, the systems of access control are essential in offices, parking and all kinds of tickets. Its main objective is to prevent and identify a possible intrusion.

The concept of access control, in the general field of security, refers to automation systems that allow or deny the entry of people or vehicles into homes, companies or institutions, according to previously configured indicators.

We distinguish proximity systems, where an object is required to authenticate and authorize entry (a card, For example), of biometric devices that authenticate the person by recognising their physical characteristics (face, fingerprint or palm of the hand, For example), no need to carry an additional object with you. Can be implemented on building doors, Housing, Local, car parks and, in short, in all types of tickets.

These types of solutions can be essential for the management of access of workers in workplaces, vehicles in shared car parks and even the possibility of allowing workers to enter a home when the owner is not present. All this allows to prevent and identify a possible intrusion.

U-Prox access control

At the level of connectivity, there are autonomous and other server-based access control systems.
The former allow to authorize or prevent access to people without the need for connection and independently. It is usually small in size, easy to install and use. At the level of operation, they need a previous configuration to indicate the desired parameters and thus manage the inputs and outputs autonomously, which provides great reliability and usefulness.

Among the offer of ByDemes are the access control systems of U-Prox, which is generally applied to doors and car parks. Easy to install, with hardly any need for management and a single door. They are suitable for use in community accesses, in communities of neighbors, Offices, warehouse entrances and vehicle access.

Among the solutions of this manufacturer is the multi-credential reader U-Prox 044 that works effectively with cards, Mifare, Mifare Plus and mobile credentials; the controller U-Prox 045 that it is allowed to use smart smartphones as credentials with the application U-Prox Mobile ID and mobile identifiers U-Prox ID. It incorporates a touch-sensitive output button and allows you to connect an external reader of the series U-Prox SL.

To these solutions, designed for business join the contactless identifier tag U-Prox 046, designed for the control of vehicle access in parking.

At the level of small and medium-sized access control systems, between 3 And 4 Doors, By Demes offers a wide range of solutions, adapted to all types of professional facilities. ZKTeco's Atlas system allows you to manage a maximum of 21 controllers and 84 Doors, with advanced access control features.

The devices offer the advantage that the management software is directly embedded within the controller, facilitating the management of multiple connected devices in several zones. It is intended to be used in small and medium-sized companies with a considerable number of doors, that do not require computer maintenance, and that offer in turn a more advanced event log.

The ZKteco ZK-160 allows the use of fingerprint or card and is compatible with controllers Atlas, but also with standalone devices. It has an Led indicator and an acoustic indicator. It is ideal for installation on walls and thanks to its manufacture using stainless steel has a long life.

By Demes access control

Server-based access control

Finally, there are server-based access control systems, I mean, that are controlled by a management software that offers different functionalities.

This type of facility allows you to manage multiple areas and access points with different technologies. Combine LPR, Biometrics, proximity, management of visits... and are very useful for critical infrastructures and complex enclosures such as large logistics centers that require advanced access control.

In addition, adapt to the management of car parks with a high volume of spaces, large offices and business complexes, including access control functions by schedules and permissions.

This type of access control also allows the possibility of integrating several devices into the security ecosystem and combining different brands and ranges., As ZKBioSecurity from ZKTeco or HikCentral of Hikvision.

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By • 23 May, 2022
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