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Sicur 2022 HikvisionThe global billing of the security manufacturer and AIoT Hikvision promoted to 12.463 millions of dollars (81.420,05 million Chinese yuan), with an increase in 25,51% in benefits.

The financial results of Hikvision corresponding to the exercise of 2021 are added again to the positive and record balance in the company's activity, when invoicing 81.420,05 million Chinese yuan (12.463 millions of dollars), which means a growth in sales of the 28,21% compared to the previous year.

These figures place the Chinese manufacturer in the club of companies One-billion, I mean, those that exceed one trillion dollars in income in Anglo-Saxon terms. Profit has also increased, standing in 16.800 million Chinese yuan (2.571,7 millions of dollars); A 25,51% more than in 2020.

Hikvision has also released the financial results for the first quarter of 2022, maintaining the growth trend, after recording an income of 16.520 million yuan (2.528 millions of dollars), representing a year-on-year increase in 18,11%, and a benefit of 2.280 million yuan (349 millions of dollars), A 5,29% more than in the same period of 2021.

The company will continue to focus on technology innovation, products and solutions to create value for customers and society, as its leaders have pointed out, as well as maintaining its level of service to various industries with the aim of continuing to lead the future of AIoT.

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By • 2 May, 2022
• Section: Business, Video surveillance