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With the solutions of Toa, MCRPro strengthens its presence in the national electronic security market, in order to cover projects that require comprehensive systems.

MCRPro, the professional solutions division of MCR, has closed a distribution agreement with TOA Electronics Europe to market in Spain its voice evacuation and public address systems.

With the addition of TOA, MCRPro goes one step further in strengthening its positioning and presence in the national electronic security market, in order to cover demanding projects that require comprehensive security systems.

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As he explains Francisco Javier Rodriguez, presales security engineer of MCR Seguridad Electrónica, "TOA contributes, with its extensive experience in the market, The most cutting-edge solutions with the highest quality standards with which to complete our portfolio. A totally professional product, Technically very evolved, with a very complete range of product and technical support in Europe".

About your partnership with MCR, from TOA Celia Garcia, Market Research Manager in Spain comments that "The objective of TOA is to find the ideal acoustic solution to provide a first class sound to each of the projects in which the MCRPro division participates".

TOA adds to the MCR electronic security catalog, Advanced voice alarm systems, intercommunication, of conferences, proSound, Wireless speakers and microphones. Your range, Developed specifically for public buildings (Schools, Hospitals, public administration, Airports...), Includes an integrated alarm and communication system. Similarly,, The Japanese brand has been at the forefront of developing the most innovative technology in the field of emergency and hazard response systems for years. (EDRS, In English).

Your flexible, decentralized integrated systems, can be used both in an everyday environment for general communication, as in emergency situations, adding real value to all types of projects. Similarly,, and thinking about more complex environments, within TOA intercom systems we find systems resistant to environmental agents that are manufactured vandal-proof.

Founded in 1934 in the Japanese city of Kobe, TOA has more than 80 years of research experience, Development and innovation. In this way, Its technical knowledge accumulated throughout this trajectory guarantees a proven quality and maximum reliability in each of its solutions. From 1973, is based in Hamburg, as well as other branches in France, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

for Enrique Hernandez, MCR B2B Director, "These alliances make the Electronic Security division continue to grow both in stability and in Expertise with top-tier manufacturers like TOA, which places us very competitively within a market full of opportunities."

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By • 23 Sea, 2023
• Section: Alarms, Evacuation, Business