Mobotix 7

The combination of Deep Learning-based analytics of Irisity and high-performance smart cameras from Mobotix form a set that protects, autonomously, assets and people from unwanted activities.

The latest generation of Mobotix cameras integrates the embedded version of Iris developed by Irisity. This synergy, through the open platform Mobotix 7, enables video analysis directly on smart camera systems.

The combination of Irisity's Deep Learning-based analytics and Mobotix's high-performance smart cameras form a set that autonomously protects assets and people from unwanted activities such as intrusion, theft, vandalism, violence or the fall of people.

Mobotix with Irisity

Iris analyzes pixel patterns directly on the camera, alarming with high accuracy up to just fifteen pixels. Since no more data comes out of the camera than the real alarms, this solution is optimal for data security, personal integrity and compliance with the law.

Artificial Intelligence Analytics (The) are available on both cloud and server, which makes them usable in most Mobotix cameras installed prior to the new generation of the series 7.

This potential for new analysis possibilities will be addressed jointly between Mobotix and Irisity, both existing and new customers, within the different sectors on a global scale.

“Mobotix has a real impact worldwide thanks to its high-quality cameras and a strong network of ecosystems. Its platform with an AI accelerator FPGA chip is perfect for our integrated solutions. We are looking forward to commercializing this powerful product combined with them”, Says Marcus Bäcklund, CEO of Irisity.

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By • 29 Sea, 2022
• Section: Alarms, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Detection, Intrusion, Business, Video surveillance