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Mobotix TAPA

The requirements of the LID are recognized as the international standard for safety in transport operations. With this agreement, Mobotix certifies protection in the supply chain.

Mobotix has joined the Transported Asset Protection Association (LID), confirming that your systems and solutions help ensure transportation security within the supply chain.

TAPA brings together manufacturers, transport companies, logistics service providers and law enforcement authorities with the same objective: reduce losses in the international supply chain.

The requirements of the TAPA are recognized as the international standard for safety in transport operations. Robberies, as well as the losses of goods and the interruptions in the supply chain that they entail and that lead to a decrease in productivity, have become a serious problem for the logistics and transport sector.

“That's why, more and more manufacturers expect their logistics and transport companies to be COVERED certified and that, therefore, are able to ensure transport safety within the supply chain”, says Christian Heller, Vice President of Sales, Northern and Central Europe, MOBOTIX. “Our goal of being part of the TAPA is focused on the interests of our customers in the logistics and transport sector, and now more than ever we want to continue deepening our knowledge in this area, in order to ensure that our video surveillance solutions exceed the standards of the TAPA".

Tapa focuses especially on the prevention of theft through the use of real-time information and innovative prevention measures., and has established minimum standards for the storage and transport of goods, in addition to for the parking of transport vehicles.

Many customers in the logistics and high-tech goods insurance industry demand compliance with TAPA standards. In this way, logistics and transport companies can assure insurers and their final customers that, meeting these basic global standards, minimize and, at best, avoid transport losses.

Next to the Security Requirements of the Establishment (Standards Facility Security Requirements, FSR), defining safety obligations for installations, there are also Transportation Safety Requirements (TSR, its acronym in English), that focus on trucking.

In addition, Parking Security Requirements (PSR) set minimum standards to ensure sufficiently safe parking for road transport vehicles in the EMEA region.

“Video technology plays an especially important role in FSRs and PSRs. Precisely, we are now working on the request of a customer who needs a logistics center in Germany”, Heller account, and ensures that: “Being part of the TAPA is an excellent buying point for Mobotix solutions in the logistics sector, since it certifies that with them it is possible to minimize, or even avoid, increasingly common attacks on supply chains, especially gang robberies”.

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