iPro Black AI Cameras

This will be the first range that i-PRO launch to the market with this color and will have models that incorporate Artificial Intelligence in dome and bullet format, for outdoor and indoor.

iPro Black AI Camerasi-Pro has added to its offer the first models of black security cameras. The S Series includes powerful hardware Edge Computing, with internal applications based on artificial intelligence.

iPro Black AI CamerasThe system is also open to the development of specialized applications from other manufacturers so that the cameras can be used in much wider commercial applications., from retail to industry 4.0.

This announcement expands the strategy of integrating artificial intelligence in the company's companies, bringing more options to the market. "The first black cameras of the i-PRO Standard series are now available, in models with dome design and bullet type for exteriors and interiors. These artificial intelligence devices are ideal for discreet integration into the environment", Explains Gerard Figols, President of i-PRO EMEA.

Security and service

iPro Black AI CamerasWith the aim of offering greater security in the face of the global shortage of chipsets and semiconductors, i-PRO has presented a fast delivery service for its main models, with an availability of 2 To 4 days from the warehouse in Europe and from 2 To 4 weeks from the factory.

In addition, the company has committed to maintain the prices of its cameras, including models with artificial intelligence.

"At a time when the sector is struggling to meet market demand and is facing a steady rise in prices., the company provides security and stability to its partners and customers, as well as the market and the entire sector", comments Gerard Figols. "We have reinforced the essential components we need and are confident in our ability to deliver".

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By • 10 Sea, 2022
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