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Hikvision HikCentral Professional

To show what's new in HikCentral Professional 2.1.0, Hikvision offers end users the possibility to use this platform for ninety days with a free license.

The Version 2.1.0 of the software platform HikCentral Professional of Hikvision is more agile and powerful when it comes to integrating and managing different security systems centrally: from individual security (video, access control, intrusion alarm, Etc.), up to multiple and complex systems under a unified architecture.

In all these scenarios, the HikCentral Professional platform 2.2.0 increases security, simplifies management and makes it easier for users to make decisions.

To publicize all the advantages of the version 2.1.0 of this software platform of Hikvision has presented a promotional campaign with which end users can enjoy it for ninety days with a free license.

More integration and functionality

The new version of HikCentral Professional integrates multiple executive and security systems, With nine core modules to face different security scenarios: video, access control, Visitors, presence control, Vehicles, alarm detection, intelligent analysis, digital signage and maintenance.

These nine modules will be integrated in response to customer needs and provide the Hikvision software platform with great flexibility, versatility and adaptability.

Among other novelties, it stands out, For example, access control and the ability to assign a variety of permissions using multiple methods, like facial recognition, ID cards, fingerprints and QR codes, among others.

The software allows in turn to set different profiles; for example assign flexible attendance rules, including shift work schedules, in the case of human resources managers, which also simplifies reporting.

In addition, facility managers can employ vehicle and visitor management applications to streamline ticket control, as well as on-site parking, among others.

Other advantages provided by HikCentral Professional are the fast event location, with video evidence, which allows to address in an agile way the possible risks that are detected; the smart parking system, or reliable security anywhere, with efficient alarm notifications and double checking supported by video verification.

In addition, the software provides connected and interactive applications to improve your operational efficiency; For example, intruder alarm. When accessing multiple subsystems, the platform expands users' knowledge and equips them with optimized management approaches.

Flexibility and simplicity of management

The HikCentral Professional platform is easy to install and manage; with minimal requirements and very intuitive configuration, so that the learning process for users is very fast.

Its maintenance is very simple and allows a real-time system display and with all traceable records, in addition to providing valuable reports from the data of the different systems installed for more efficient decision making.

The user experience has also been improved in this version to respond to all the needs in the management of the platform, with three preset roles (system installer; security control and human resources), plus a fully customizable room.

With improved user interface, each can customize the control panel to suit their viewing preferences, simply dragging and dropping the main video sources and devices on the dashboard, adjusting its location and appearance.

HikCentral Professional incorporates OpenAPI, an easy-to-use API server, advanced security that supports the integration of a wide variety of solutions. Several technology partners have developed their industry-approved solutions based on HikCentral Professional OpenAPI.

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