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Hikvision Solar 4G

Equipped with a solar panel of 40 W and built-in rechargeable battery 180 W, Hikvision ColorVu solar provides color images of 4 Full-time megapixels in remote locations.

The camera DS-2XS2T47G0-LDH/4G/C18S40 of 4 MP ColorVu from Hikvision offers independent functionality thanks to its solar panel of 40 W and the battery that incorporates and that is powered by the previous ones, for environments where there is no power supply.

Hikvision Solar 4G has a cellular radio, 4G compatible, for effective data transmission in these types of locations where power with Ethernet cables and wireless access points is not possible.

The ColorVu technology provides color images of 4 Megapixels without interruption 24/7, to which this solar camera adds the integration of two-way audio to offer real-time security.

This solar camera is especially suitable for video surveillance of large outdoor spaces, as farms, water systems and rivers, Pipelines, forest areas and other remote locations where power supply can be difficult.

Can also be used in time monitoring applications, as large-scale competitions, public activity, temporary traffic control, Etc. With compression technology H.265+, this camera is water and dust resistant, with protection IP67, with stability in the face of a category typhoon 12.

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By • 8 Oct, 2021
• Section: Deep down, MAIN HIGHLIGHT, Video surveillance