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Genetec AutoVu SharpV

The new AutoVu SharpV with license plate recognition Genetec incorporates higher resolution sensors, motorized lenses with autofocus and an improved learning processor.

Easy to install, the new generation of its cameras AutoVu SharpV With Lpr (license plate recognition) is based on the machine learning (machine learning) and vehicle analytics, ensuring high performance in all conditions.

Designed for fixed LPR installations, the new SharpV can be up and running in minutes thanks to the integration of features such as 4G/LTE/GPS, as well as its motorized lenses with zoom and autofocus.

Genetec SharpV is ideal for many applications, how to monitor inputs and outputs, capture license plates at high speed on streets and highways, manage off-road parking and off-road facilities, as well as covering the main access points of a city to identify wanted vehicles.

With integrated illuminators, a global shutter and high-resolution sensors, SharpV delivers sharp, accurate images in Full HD resolution at all times: day or night, with slow local traffic or on fast roads.

Genetec AutoVu SharpV

Thanks to its ultra-wide sensors, New SharpV can capture license plates in two lanes of traffic without loss of accuracy, so installations require fewer devices to cover more locations, reducing total cost of ownership.

Thanks to the LPR engine based on machine learning AutoVu MLC, the new generation of SharpV also provides a set of advanced analytics of vehicles, which includes your classification, color recognition, travel speed estimation and direction tracking.

The VPU (vision processing units) Onboard machine learning also paves the way for new vehicle features and behavioral analytics., to be presented in the future.

As he explains Stephane Varin, AutoVu Product Manager at Genetec, “LPR is an essential part of many organizations' toolkits. Can be used to collect operational and investigative information to help solve crimes, comply with parking regulations and track traffic patterns in dense urban environments”. In this sense, the new SharpV “is easier to implement; can cover a wider field of view and provides more data on vehicle identification and behaviour”, underlines Varin.

The new version of AutoVu SharpV also greatly simplifies its installation and maintenance. Motorized lenses allow zoom and autofocus to be adjusted remotely at the time of installation and during routine maintenance. In addition, embedded network equipment provides the ability to connect using 4G/LTE (where available).

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By • 16 Sep, 2021
• Section: Deep down, Urban security, Video surveillance