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Hikvision ColorVu Pro 4k Acusense

The new ColorVu cameras from Hikvision provide video surveillance 24/7, with 4K color resolution and acusense advanced video analytics, based on artificial intelligence.

In the field of video security, color-related information is crucial to identify event details, especially at night. Conventional cameras with infrared lighting only provide black and white images for night monitoring.

The result of this is that people, vehicles or other relevant objects often look blurry and mix with the background, making it difficult to distinguish between the true objectives. Technology Hikvision ColorVu solve this challenge with these new cameras, that produce high-resolution color videos even in extremely dark environments.

As he explains Karlos Hernandez, product manager Hikvision Iberia, “From 2018, when we launched the first generation of ColorVu cameras, we have not stopped evolving incorporating new devices and functionalities, adapting to the needs and requirements of the market. Our portfolio includes everything from smart, high-performance solutions to cheaper options for SMEs and small businesses”.

The ColorVu series covers the range Turbo HD (DF0T series, DF3T, DF8T, DFT and HFT), in its bullet versions, minibullet and turret, with different lenses (fixed and motorized ricose veins) resolutions 2 And 5 Megapixel, with models with PIR and integrated siren.

In the vIP ersiones, ColorVu has cameras with resolutions of 2, 4 And 8 Megapixel, in bullet versions, turret, minidomo and PTZs. Some devices also integrate microphone, siren and strobe light, to which the new ones are now added 4K systems and technology AcuSense.

Innovation in technology

Hikvision colorvu proColorVu cameras' great ability to capture detail in low light comes from two specific advances in hardware technologies: high-performance lenses and sensors.

The new lenses of the ColorVu cameras have maintained the large aperture design F1.0, allowing four times more light to enter the lens than conventional cameras (with F2.0).

The approach of a high definition camera with large aperture F1.0 is a great challenge and a technical difficulty for the industry, as production requires very strict and precise manufacturing processing. Hikvision has applied its advanced technology Active Alignment (Aa) in the production of these devices to bring the precision of adjustment to 4 Pixels.

With optimized sensors, night color images from ColorVu cameras are reproduced with much brighter brightness than conventional ones. A new dynamic noise reduction algorithm (Dnr) 3D helps to record additional details clearly and offer much sharper images.

In addition, ColorVu cameras are equipped with a soft and warm extra light that lights up to ensure color imaging, even in lightless environments.

With better image quality and a spectacular level of detail, 4K ColorVu cameras are especially suitable for open spaces and large environments, as large stadiums, Airports, ports and car parks.

Deep learning algorithms (deep learning) incorporating them make it possible to distinguish people and vehicles from other moving objects, like animals, leaves or rain, so alarms are only triggered when the intrusion occurs.

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By • 5 Jul, 2021
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