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The municipality of Madrid now has a security system, developed in collaboration with SICE, composed of twenty-three chambers; a screen center to control traffic and HikCentral management software in real time.

Hikvision three sice songs

Hikvision, provider of AIoT solutions and big data services focused on the security industry, in collaboration with the integrator Sice, has designed and installed a traffic control system in Three Songs (Madrid) that's improving road mobility, increasing the security of the municipality and helping to create a more sustainable environment.

The project, which was a demand from the consistory itself, has made this Madrid town a pioneer in terms of smart city (smart city).

Hikvision's solution is based on three pillars: the first consists of the installation of a total of twenty-three in the accesses to the municipality. Specifically,, seven PTZ domes, fifteen LPR license plate recognition devices and a multi-lens PanoVu panoramic camera.

Hikvision three sice songs

Secondly, a recording and monitoring system that is managed from the control screen center, located at the headquarters of the Local Police of Tres Cantos. Finally,, Hikvision's HikCentral video management software, that offers all the information, data and statistics that makes it easier for the city's consistory to make quick decisions to improve mobility and traffic fluency.

This comprehensive solution enables real-time traffic-related incident detection and management, making surveillance easier, helps identify offenders and provides relevant information to speed up traffic, thus avoiding traffic jams at certain points and at certain times of the day.

Hikvision three sice songs

Excellent results

The need arose because of the intensity of traffic that Tres Cantos has, a very dynamic municipality, With 50.000 inhabitants and with a large implementation of companies (around 3.000), that attracts a few 36.000 people who come to work from other locations.

The results following the implementation of the project have been evident and very positive. Hikvision's solution provides valuable information to the Three Songs Town Hall on traffic flows: where there are complications and in which slots; what are the busiest areas; how many vehicles enter and leave the municipality on weekdays and on public holidays; profile of those vehicles, Etc.

Thanks to this detailed information, managers can make decisions that help improve mobility, change the duration of traffic lights or propose alternative routes, among others.

As for real-time surveillance, performed by the Local Police, efficiency in resource utilization has improved. Before, the only way to check the situation of a particular point was to send a patrol to carry out constant rounds.

Hikvision three sice songs

Now, the installed video surveillance system warns of an incident and you can send the patrol at the exact moment when it is needed. Response to any event is faster, coordinated and effective.

LPR cameras also allow immediate detection of specific vehicles (both stolen, like those who drive unsafely, belonging to people with orders to stay away,...), as well as to locate whether an offence is committed.

Juan Sábada, Hikvision's business development manager, explains that "Tres Cantos is a pioneering municipality in this type of solutions. Now, other localities are launching similar projects in which we are actively participating, and many more are starting to think about it, because the benefits to citizens are multiple and immediate".

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By • 15 Apr, 2021
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