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These devices incorporate more efficient two-way audio and video verification for input control, the possibility of integration with CCTV systems and alarms and management from interactive monitors, among other new features.

Hikvision video intercoms 2generation

Versatile and easy to integrate with other security systems are some of the defining features of the second generation of video intercoms you just presented Hikvision, provider of AIoT solutions and big data for the security industry.

This new range stands out for a more efficient and convenient two-way audio and video check for input control, and for its management from interactive monitors from within the property or with remote control through a app Mobile, that allows you to see the person who rings the bell and talk to them.

In addition, these second generation video intercoms can be integrated with camera systems (Cctv) and alarms, which adds greater protection in commercial facilities or residential areas that require higher levels of security.

As a novelty, Hikvision has added new kits in IP and two-wire version to this range, with their respective switches and power supplies. Added to this is the stainless steel line, with new modular street plates, and their different accessories for installation (recessed or surfaced), rain protectors, Etc.

As far as monitors are concerned,, a new model has been developed under the Android operating system, as well as a master station, with an innovative design that includes a 10" touch screen, and increased capacity for connecting devices: Until 128 cameras and 10.000 indoor monitors.

The street plate, in all-in-one or modular version, offers a wide variety of provisions, depending on the type of property and the needs of the client. These equipments provide high image quality, with a resolution of 2 MP and a viewing angle of up to 180o, and WDR technology to recognize people even in backlight and night vision situations.

The system allows you to connect to the indoor monitors, as well as the mobile app, up to sixteen IP cameras. Hikvision offers monitor versions of 7 And 10 Inch, with fixed wall and desktop models.

Hikvision video intercoms are designed for installation in office and residential buildings (Urbanizations, Villas), Shops, Etc. These equipments operate in an IoT environment and integrate and interact with CCTV devices, alarms and access control from this manufacturer through its HikCentral software, the iVMS-4200 and the Hik-Connect app, which guarantees the customer a unified and very simple management from a single point.

The user can interact remotely with the visitor thanks to automatic notifications sent directly to the phone, allowing doors to open; keep the history of events thanks to the call log function; receive notifications in case of flooding, fire and alarm; enable multiple accounts with custom privileges to increase control, as well as sending standard or personalized messages.

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By • 23 Sea, 2021
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