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The Its All-Rounder is ready for automatic license plate recognition, control the speed of vehicles, detect violations, among other options.

hikvision ITS all-rounder

The provider of AIoT solutions and Big Data services for security Hikvision has unveiled its new ITS All-Rounder camera, designed to improve traffic and road safety, because it allows to control the speed of vehicles and detect violations, has automatic license plate recognition and is able to analyze the characteristics of each vehicle.

"Hikvision always takes video technologies further. Beyond the visual range perceived by a normal camera, we've worked on the ability to understand what's going on, allowing for more accurate information about events or accidents", explains Frank Zhang, president of Hikvision's International Center for Products and Solutions.

As this manager says, "this is a multidimensional perception, a trend that we believe will condition the security industry in the future".

Hikvision's new All-Rounder ITS camera is designed and developed with this multidimensional concept in mind. It is the manufacturer's first camera that integrates three separate modules into one unit without slowing performance, which makes it an orderly and flexible device, suitable for use in demanding environments.

This device incorporates an HD camera, a speed camera and a set of lights. Works with a multi-tracking radar that permanently controls two or three lanes of traffic, depending on the camera model, and identifies the speed and position of objects in the area analyzed at a rate of up to 300 Km/h.

hikvision ITS all-rounderIn this sense, if a vehicle exceeds the speed limit, the built-in radar activates the camera and takes a picture of it and its license plate.

In the event of traffic rule violations, as driving in the opposite direction, improper use of the lane or even the driver not wearing a seat belt, the camera will capture images of the corresponding vehicle, recognize your license plate and all relevant information (type of vehicle, Color, Brand, direction of the march,...) and send that data to the authorities in real time or store it.

Detecting violations and incidents helps improve driving in general, something that ultimately contributes to increased road safety, reduces the number of accidents and improves traffic flow.

Hikvision ITS All-Rounder equips deep learning algorithms (deep learning) and is able to recognize a much larger number of license plates, and more accurately, that conventional systems of this type.

Its GMOS sensor ensures bright and sharp images, even in low-light conditions. The camera has a light matrix of 16 supplementary points, offering an infrared range of up to 40 meters at night.

With all these built-in features, the new camera "offers an obvious advantage over conventional ITS products in aspects such as space saving or less wiring, allowing for easier installation".

In addition, THE ITS All-Rounder camera supports side or flexible pole mounting, making it easy to set up according to location conditions and in various environments,like urban roads, Motorways, tunnels and toll booths.

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By • 24 Feb, 2021
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