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The German health centre BG Klinik Ludwigshafen has installed the cameras of this manufacturer with a solution from its partner Tec Trade Solution to control the spread of the virus.

The hospital BG Klinik Ludwigshafen, located in this city in southwestern Germany, is a reference center specializing in trauma surgery, plastic and burns, also dedicated to teaching and research that cooperates with the Heidelberg University, the oldest in the country.

In the current pandemic period, the center has wanted to monitor the entries to prevent the spread of the virus and protect patients, staff and visitors themselves.

One of the priorities in spaces as sensitive as hospitals is to try to quickly detect people with a high body temperature, which is a symptom of illness, immediate isolation to conduct a thorough medical examination.

Mobotix hospital BG Klinik Ludwigshafen

To do this, hospital managers have chosen to install network cameras from German manufacturer Mobotix, along with a solution from the technology partner Tec Trade Solution, to determine the normal temperature range based on a number of requirements, and the user is informed that he/she accesses the venue of any deviation from this interval.

Thanks to this technology "we can reliably detect anomalies in body temperature, regardless of wind and other environmental influences", Thomas Striegel says, CEO of Tec Trade Solution.

BG Klinik Ludwigshafen Hospital

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By • 13 Jan, 2021
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