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This new technology, that the manufacturer presents at the CES virtual contest 2021, improves SECURITY at ATMs, mobile phones and other systems.

Intel RealSense id

RealSense ID is the new facial recognition technology that Intel just announced in the virtual edition Ces 2021, and that as he points out in his statement, "emerges as an alternative to Apple Face ID", for use on different devices, from mobile devices to ATMs to smart locks.

To do this, it has a depth camera and sensor and artificial intelligence to scan and analyze the faces accurately and in detail, in three dimensions, with high reliability and safety.

Intel RealSense idThis face authentication is done in just one second and all information is sent to the cloud. In addition, RealSense ID also adapts and captures changes that may occur in the face over the years, along with other elements like beard, Mustache, Glasses, Etc. in different lighting scenarios or lack of it.

Intel has advanced that RealSense ID will have two versions based on open source: one peripheral and one module, to adapt flexibly and versatilely to different needs.

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By • 12 Jan, 2021
• Section: Detection, Events, Services