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These new Milestone hardware platforms facilitate the configuration and design of solutions of video surveillance for large installations, using recorders Husky as scalable building blocks for high performance.

Milestone Husky - X 8

Lower cost of ownership, high performance and an easier on the system of security management are some of the advantages offered by the new platforms Husky X 2 and X 8 in Milestone, that reduces the number of servers required in a large facility and further operational graphic video decoding processor to improve the performance of the system.

Milestone has developed the Husky X series with two initial models: X 2, with two e hot-swappable disk integrates a swicth PoE +, to manage up to 133 network cameras, 720 p to 25 frames per second, 2Mbit/s.

milestone_huskyx2The model Husky X 8 has eight hot-swappable hard disks and two network interfaces of 10 Gbit/s. Also, It is possible to expand the internal storage with external storage arrays, connected through a high-speed Ethernet through fibre channel (FCoE) and iSCSI connections.

This high performance platform supports up to 780 cameras (in lamisma resolution and speed than the model X 2), with a maximum recording speed of 1.828 Mbit/s, Thanks to the incorporation of a graphics processing unit Intel IRIS Pro Quad-core, which facilitates the acceleration hardware.

Milestone Husky 8 X

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By • 31 Oct, 2018
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