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This renowned Falabella Group supermarket chain, With 140 establishments in Chile and Peru, has unified its security systems with this platform.

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Within the Falabella Group, your company Tottus it's the one that processes the most sales transactions. In chile's premises alone, it has about six million transactions, Monthly, much higher than the other chains. For this reason, part of your vision is to increasingly automate your processes to support business growth.

Until now, Tottus worked with different video surveillance systems, access and intrusion control to ensure safety within your stores. This diversity of platforms generated many delays in incident response and therefore required unifying the operation of all of them.

Among other requirements, the unified platform had to be flexible, support hardware from different manufacturers and scalable to support their growth plans, in addition to meeting the company's high cybersecurity standards.

genelec tottus

The unification of the Omnicast video surveillance system and synergis access control Genetec responds to incidents more efficiently, to the point where the times for this have been reduced by 90%.

With the Genetec Security Center unified platform, the integration of the fire and intrusion system has also been achieved to centralize all alarms in a single interface.

All systems have been installed on Streamvault servers, also from this manufacturer, currently managing a large bandwidth of some 6.500 Cameras.

Another advantage for Tottus is to quickly anticipate theft at its establishments using Genetec's KiwiVision perimeter video analytics, as well as with Autovu license plate recognition to have a detailed record

genelec tottus

The direct result of the installation of this unified platform has been the improvement of security inside stores, to the point that with Security Center Omnicast, Tottus has doubled the number of video surveillance cameras installed in each establishment and decreased by 90% incident response time.

Also, thanks to the resolution of the video and the ease of the platform to check incidents, security operators have been able to share key information with police to verify the crime.

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By • 4 Jan, 2021
• Section: Case studies, Access control, Systems control, Intrusion