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This flexible IoT device offers more application possibilities and features to users of the Mobotix security platform 7.

The new S74 video system you just introduced Mobotix is an advanced IoT camera that can be equipped with up to four modules, more flexible than any other video system developed by the manufacturer.

Thanks to its mounting with hidden housing, the camera goes completely unnoticed, and only the modules on their respective media are in sight. Being equipped with a connection cable up to 3 Meters, these optical modules, thermal and functional can be placed anywhere inside or outside, in a corner or in different rooms, and capture images in multiple directions at once.

Also, the new S74 model has built-in camera applications that can be expanded in a personalized way, so the customer has the ability to use it as a universal device for virtually any sector.


Ultra LowLight 4MP Technology

In addition to 4K UHD modules, available at numerous angles of lens aperture, one of Mobotix's innovations with the development of the S74 camera is the advanced Ultra LowLight 4MP sensor module, with automatic switching between day and night mode.

Ultra LowLight technology manages to generate images of excellent quality, even in the worst lighting conditions, and reproduce the colors faithfully to the originals, which is a very important element in identifying vehicles or people, For example.

In addition, modules have shorter exposure times, which greatly increases the sharpness of moving objects at dawn or dusk. The excellent quality of Ultra LowLight sensors is highlighted by their optimal signal-to-noise ratio (Snr) of 0,19, a value that is light sensitivity up to four times that of a 4K UHD module.

Mobotix has also solved the problems generated by the backlight thanks to advanced technology. Thanks to the optimized Wide Dynamic Range function (Wdr), all Mobotix cameras 7 work smoothly even in less favorable light conditions.

The WDR function allows you to generate a single image from various shots, with different exposure times, so that too dark areas are automatically lightened and areas that remain over-exposed are avoided, thus obtaining an accurate and detailed picture of all areas.

With VGA thermal imaging technology and blind angle extended up to 90×69You also get optimal image quality to recognize every detail, oversee large areas (perimeter protection) and record temperature differences over long distances.


Open source platform

The S74 camera is integrated into the Mobotix open source platform 7. Thanks to the manufacturer's applications, based on artificial intelligence and deep learning (deep learning), supports specific security protocols and procedures.

Mobotix-certified applications cover countless areas of application. In addition, partners and customers can develop their own applications for specific requirements and integrate them into the manufacturer's open source platform.

Pre-installed apps can be tested for free for thirty days and activated later by purchasing a license. To date, only advanced professional solutions from partners and other developers have been integrated, tested and certified by Mobotix, to meet the highest quality and cybersecurity requirements.

Quality and cybersecurity with German guarantee

blankResistance, reliability and data protection are three key factors of this German company, very present also during the development of the S74. Its housing is made of electrostatic-coated aluminum and features weather-resistant USB C ports. Cybersecurity and data protection levels are evident in its decentralized architecture.

For Thomas Lausten, CEO of Mobotix, "With the S74 camera we are at the forefront of AI-based video technology. The system stands out for offering excellent performance, unprecedented image quality, great resistance and extraordinary cybersecurity".

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By • 10 Nov, 2020
• Section: Deep down, Video surveillance